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The Wisdom Peddler

Proverbs 17:16
"Why is there in the hand of a fool the purchase price of wisdom,
Since he has no heart for it?"

One day I discovered a peddler
Who marketed wisdom by the pound.
He hawked it from his office on walls
That proclaimed the wisdom he had found.

I saw fools go in clutching money.
But for true wisdom they had no heart.
They left, money gone, simpler still,
With a sheet proclaiming the shrewd farce.

I wandered in, my money in hand,
Bent on interrogating the man
To judge how valid his wisdom was
And how well recognized in the land.

“This sumptuous wisdom will get ya’
Wherever ya’ want to go,” says he.
“It’s older than dirt yet fresh as mud.
No tricks, just buy wisdom on this street.”

“What wisdom will I gain?” I questioned.
“Smarts aren’t in your head or heart, silly!”
He laughed. “They show up in your paycheck,
And this stuff comes with a sure warr’nty.”

I leaned on his closed door, deflated.
This wisdom was but a sham—a lie!
How could wisdom be bought for brib’ry?
My longing for wisdom was denied .

Then—a pure voice, calling from the square.
I looked ‘round the beggars, dirt, and noise,
Wond’ring who rang those words of challenge.
I charged the streets, pursuing the voice.

And there Wisdom was, calling to me.
“How much?” I despairingly implored.
She smiled at me: “Wisdom is priceless
To those who kneel here, who fear the Lord.”


  1. I read and found myself racing to the end. Then to be satisfied by your conclusion.

  2. Did you write that poem, Lauren? SO good, and true! Thank you! =)

    I wanted to let you know that I am having a Pro-Life GIVEAWAY on my blog!

    Go HERE--it ends on June 11th:

    ..Hope that you can enter!


  3. That's a wonderful poem, Lauren! Beautiful and true! It reminded me of Vanity Fair as portrayed by Nathaniel Hawthorne in the "Celestial Railway"...or maybe I'm just in the Pilgrim's Progress mood from Mika's post! ;) Either way, a well-written piece!

  4. Mr. Worel, that is one of the best compliments someone could give me! Thanks so much--I'm so glad it was as exciting for you to read as it was for me to write!
    Lucia--I'll definitely check that out--thanks! I did write the poem after being inspired by Proverbs 17:16. It's great to hear from you!
    I still haven't read Celestial Railway, but I know that I so have to! Now I really have to...I'll get going on that! (-;

  5. For many reasons this has been a very discouraging day for me. I had specifically been praying for confirmation regarding my new blog - - when I was directed to your site.

    My logo design and the new posts have all been in the midst of my husband's recent cancer diagnosis and surgery.

    I do not understand all of the options available to make your blog easier to find. If you have a moment - I would love any suggestions you may have. At this point, I am not using labels or keywords to enhance the search.

    Congratulations on your success, and it is my sincere prayer that this is just the beginning!

    God Bless!

  6. Cathy, I will definitely be praying for you, as it sounds like you have been going through a lot! Thank you also for your kind words and congratulations.
    Actually, I have not really "done" much to make my blog easier to find. But here are a few things I can think of. When I was first starting out, I sent an email to everyone in my address book with the blog address, to let them know about it. This is a great way to get plugged in! On our one-year blogoversary, we had a week-long celebration with giveaways, guest posts, and the like, and that greatly increased readership. Some sites also have blogrolls that you can ask to be put on--I think there are even some Christian women's blogrolls, but I haven't checked into that much. As far as kewords and labels, I simply use that to help my readers out.
    Once you have readers, consistent blogging is the key, and blog design can be much enhanced by numerous websites that have free backgrounds. A favorite is this one:
    Commenting on and following other people's blogs is also a technique that some use to get their blog out there.
    I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help, but feel free to ask any other specific questions that I didn't cover!


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