Lauren and Mikaela--identical twins living on opposite coasts--blog about the story of life and their adventures in faith.


Lauren on the coast of Scotland

Hello there, welcome visitor!

Just now I am curled up in my room, cozy and warm, doing what I love best: writing.  But since you're here you probably already knew that I'm a writer at heart.  So here are some things you may not know yet:

I am 25 years old.  I love my Lord with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength. My best friends are my family--my parents; my twin sister and fellow blogger, Mikaela and her wonderful husband and adorable baby; and my four other wonderful brothers and sisters--Melanie, Susanna, Micah, and Jonah.

I am passionate about many things:
Good music.
A baby's right to life.
Being a feminine woman in a feminist culture.

In case you were wondering, I enjoy swirly skirts, black-and-white movies, chubby babies, vintage gloves, orchids, antique books, and sweet comments.  But I definitively despise typos, green olives, heretical teaching, and cheesy soundtracks.

I love to write as I said (but try, for your sake, not to wax long-winded!), and want to continue to hone my writing abilities in the future. I could play and teach violin and piano all day, and most days I do! I love playing the great classical works in my local symphony just as much as I relish playing in church on Sunday and view both as a way to glorify God through my music.

I dearly want to devote more time for ministry with my family, to become more and more a woman after God's heart, and, Lord willing, someday to raise my own family for Him. My testimony, which you can read here, details the journey God has taken me on from a hell-bound sinner to a daughter of the King who is still very much a sinner, but who is growing every day!

Will you join me here, as a companion on this journey and as a fellow firebrand for God?  And now that you know all about me, will you let me get the chance to get to know you by commenting and sharing what God is doing in your life?
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