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Piano Pedawhat?

All good things must come to an end, and Piano Pedagogy class is no exception. We spent two weeks on the beautiful Verity campus, managing to meet almost all of the fifty students who live there, working on getting their BA in 18 months.

We fit in games of ping pong, foosball, volleyball, Rook, catchphrase, and Dutch Blitz, and walked around the building for exercise countless times.

We attended chapel every morning and joined the students in prayer and praise on Sunday nights.

We got to attend an Indianapolis Symphony Concert centered in the absolutely gorgeous Monument Circle.

But what we were really there for was learning how to teach piano excellently. With Mrs. Baldridge as our guide and fabulous teacher, we spent five hours in class every day and the same amount in study. We read through a textbook on Piano Pedagogy, evaluated all major piano methods, studied the recent history and development of pedagogy, addressed the business aspects of a piano studio, learned the different learning styles of students (and teachers!), studied the four periods of classical music, learned how to teach classical music to all levels of students, and memorized the major composers of each period and their piano works that are most important.

Of course, that's not all we did! We had teaching plans and method evaluations to fill out, reports to write, studio policies to revise, teaching philosophies to mull over, midterms to cram for, and finals to stress over. And, in there somewhere, we had playing. Lots and lots of playing. Every day, all eight students in our class trooped over into the construction zone of the campus, where the practice pianos were located (coincidence? I think not!). With four pianos going at once, the sound was something akin to a twentieth century polytonal composition, and the workers enjoyed teasing us about the beautiful music we made. Every morning of the second week, we had master classes with Mrs. Baldridge, learning not only how to better teach the piece to our students, but also how to master the technique for our own playing.

It was a blessing to go, and we couldn't have asked for a better class or teacher. We got to meet up with five old friends from the Midwest and East, and we were able to visit the Creation Museum! However, as always, it was simply marvelous to get on the plane home.

"Visiting or going home?" Asked the scientist headed for Kenya and funded by the Gates Foundation to study the diseases of plants.

"Oh--I'm going home!" I replied proudly.

And as the beautiful Cascades came into view and we swooped over the Pudget Sound to land safely in the Seattle airport, I almost felt at home. Then, very soon, I was engulfed in hugs from my family...and it started to rain...and I knew that I was home!

The view outside my kitchen window.


  1. So glad you had fun and learned lots. But I for one am so happy you are home! I missed you tremendously...everyday! There is a void when you are away...your joyful smiles, loving hugs and words of encouragement just to name a few! Yes, so thankful you are both home...I love you. Mama

  2. Sounds like an amazing course and like you both had a great time! You're right, it would have been fun to meet up while we were at HQ!! I know a few of the people working over at South Campus so it's really neat that y'all were up there at the same time... :D

  3. Great post Mikaela! Brings back so many memories. Lets see...last week at this time I was....doing teaching plan worksheets! Yikes! Or was I waiting for Peter and Evangeline (and their friends) to get out of the laundry room/barber shop so I could switch over my laundry! Don't remember...but any how, great post. Really enjoyed reading it and miss everyone so much (especially my roommates!)!

  4. Mama--yes, I'm definitely thankful to be home! Thanks for the sweet comment.
    Jacqueline--we'll have to coordinate schedules next time. ;-)
    Thanks for commenting, Elizabeth! We love our commenters. It is fun to go over those memories, isn't it? I keep rereading the post and daydreaming about everyone and everything in Indy. And what a weird thought to think about what we were doing one week ago. Seems like ages ago!

  5. A very enjoyable post, Mikaela! I loved the great photos and hearing about your time away. It sounds you like you kept very busy and learned lots, but managed to squeeze in some fun, too. By the way, "welcome home"! : )

  6. Ah, that sounds like a lot of fun (and a lot of work too)! I didn't know you two are or are planning to be piano teachers - so am I! I'm actually going to be majoring in piano pedagogy, so I'll definitely be taking all those classes as well. ;)

    Blessings to you in your endeavors!


  7. I can't wait till we can welcome you home, Ruthie! ;-)
    Melody--yes we are both currently violin and piano teachers, trained in the Suzuki method for violin, and studying for an AA in Music Ministry. We certainly need God's blessing in these many activities, so thank you! Are you teaching yet?


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