Lauren and Mikaela--identical twins living on opposite coasts--blog about the story of life and their adventures in faith.


Joel, Mikaela, and Liam
October 2015
You must be here because you enjoy a good story! My story is good because of my great God. Whether it is interesting or not: that I leave for you to decide.

When I was born, I first met my dear parents Steve and Jennifer (though I don't remember that meeting), and next was placed beside my sister Lauren, who was already 36 minutes wiser than I (it's been that way ever since). I grew up in the beautiful state of Washington, not realizing how good I had it to see snow-capped mountain peaks in every direction, pick juicy, wild blackberries every summer, and ski through the mountains every winter along with my siblings Melanie, Susanna, Micah, and Jonah. 

Somewhere along the way, a boy with whom I had grown up playing became a man (a friend-to-everyone, book-loving, lawyer man with an amazing voice), and I became a woman, and the childhood friends fell in love! Joel and I married in 2014, and I moved 3,000 miles away from family to join him in Maryland (where he had moved a few years earlier). Life is beautiful with my best friend and true love. We've built two snowmen, explored countless DC museums, and painted a nursery yellow and white stripes. And in the height of summer 2015, with the paint only a few weeks old, Liam was born. This boy made me a Mama, and I love him with a passion. 

That's the story of my life thus far, if you fill in the cracks with music, tea, and baby giggles. The Author is still working on me and my story, so if you want to read what happens next, click on over to the latest blog post!
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