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Good-bye, Twelve!

In this magical, beautiful place, women and girls who have known Susanna her whole life gathered to celebrate a rite of passage: my baby sister turned 13!

We had a "photo shoot" of Susanna with every guest, all of whom have made a huge impact on her life, and Susanna decided to steal a kiss from Mama!

Camera flashes everywhere! Susanna enjoying herself with our Aunt Vickie, Melanie, and me.

Susanna with our dear friend, Sandi, who has been like a grandma to us our whole lives. In fact, we stayed with her while Susanna was being born, and I still remember coming home from prayer meeting to a message on the answering machine...but Papa wouldn't tell us if it was a boy or girl, so while she called him back, we tried our best to restrain ourselves from jumping through Sandi's floors or out her windows!

Susanna and Rachel strike an adorable pose!

Susanna and Grandma: Several of our relatives, including Grandma, traveled all the way from Spokane to be with her! What a special gift that was!

Aunt Hiedie, Camryn, and Susanna
I may have said this before, but don't Susanna and Aunt Hiedie bear a striking resemblance to each other?

We played a game to test how much everyone had in common with the birthday girl, enjoyed yummy desserts, and just generally chatted the whole time! It is always such a blessing to get together with godly women!

Everyone went around the room and read a note of encouragement, wisdom, or advice to Susanna for her thirteenth year and beyond. Everyone praised Susanna for her continual smile and encouragement to each one of us--her desire to serve others for Jesus is also a huge blessing!

Aunt Vickie's note, written on a card of Black-eyed "Susannas" was one of my favorites. She wrote:
"At different times in my life I use different parts of Scripture to gain wisdom from. Currently my life prayer is from Psalm 1 and I would like to share it with you today. Lord, help me to avoid following the bad counsel of people who give ungodly advice and help me to stay clear of people who pull me down with their inappropriate actions and negativity. Help me to delight in Your word and give serious thought to Your teaching. Help my character to be as strong as a tree planted by a stream, yielding spiritual fruit and maintaining healthy leaves. I know this will allow me to prosper in my walk with you and will be a positive example to the people I influence."

Everyone's words of wisdom for Susanna were similarly inspiring, and there were many tears shed! But now, Susanna can put each of those notes, along with the photos of the people who wrote them, in a scrapbook to treasure for years to come!

Susanna's eclectic style shines through in the gift-opening session!

Why does baby look so scared? I can't be sure, but I think he's hyperventilating at the thought of being surrounded by 20 women, with nary a male in sight. "Get me out of here!"

Back row, l-r: Aunt Lisa, Aunt Vickie, and Aunt Hiedie. Front row, l-r: Susanna and Grandma
3 aunts in one place + Grandma + chocolate= loads of fun and hilarity!
Seven years ago, Mikaela and I had our thirteenth birthday party, and Melanie followed a few years later. It was a bittersweet moment when Mama looked over at me last week and said, "We're done!" It was the last thirteenth birthday party for the girls!
My sisters are growing up, but we have way too much fun doing it together to be sentimental about it. I get to give them hints about curling their hair, advice about what outfits coordinate, and hugs when their day just isn't going well. We go out for coffee, pray together every morning, get on each other's nerves only occasionally, (-: and burn food together every week. And, for a few short months, we all get to be in our "teens" together. I'd say that calls for a celebration! We're the Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy of our house, and I can't imagine life without all the sisters God blessed me with!
So, Susanna, happy thirteenth birthday, and may the next seven teen years be the most spiritually fruitful and rich of your life!


  1. Aw! It looks like Susanna had such a lovely birthday celebration. My, my, that hair cute looks so stylish on her. :) Very cute!
    All the pictures were so sweet...thank you for sharing them with us, Lauren! Susanna is so blessed to have such sweet sisters to write such a lovely post about her.
    Please wish Susanna a late happy birthday from me. Tell her to always keep that smile on her face, for she is smiling and shining the love of the One Who lives in her. Love you, dear!

    Many blessings...

  2. Happy Birthday, Susanna! I can't believe she's a teenager already! Makes one feel old, doesn't it? :D

  3. Mikaela did Susanna's hair--that's one of the funnest parts about having little sisters!
    Sarah--I totally do feel old--especially having a brother turn 11 tomorrow! Yikes!
    I'll pass on your sweet thoughts to Susanna, gals! Thanks!


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