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Project Wardrobe Makeover

This summer, I have resolved to rid my wardrobe of the clothes that rarely, if ever, see the light of day. Some of these articles are ill-fitting; some are worn; some are just not my style. However, rather than handing down, giving away, selling, or throwing away these clothes, I have also resolved to look at each article in a new way and challenge myself to redesign it. Project Wardrobe Makeover has officially begun!

My first challenge was this dress:

Believe it or not, I've had it for seven years! I've worn it often, but lately, the prairie-simple style just has not meshed with my more romantic-feminine style. It's modest, in good condition, and in a classic style, though, so I can't bear to get rid of it. Thus it is the perfect candidate for Project Wardrobe Makeover.

First, I trimmed off the hem. This dress is a lovely length, but the skirt is so straight that two buttons have torn off from the stress of my strides; hopefully a shorter length will mend this problem! Next, I cut 2 1 1/2" strips from the bottom of the skirt.

From these strips, I cut four 12" long strips and two 19" long strips. I sewed down the middle of the six strips (3/4") using a basting stitch and leaving long tails on either side.

Then I ironed each strip in half, using my seam as a guide.

Depending on your personality (or the day of the week), this part could be the thrilling chapter or the hair-pulling segment: gathering! Gather all the strips by taking a long tail of thread hanging off your basting stitch and pulling it while pushing the fabric. Gentleness is the key to avoid snapping threads! I gathered the short strips to 6 1/2" and the long ones to 10".

I have ruffles! You can use these basic principles and ruffle anything and everything--who doesn't like a good ruffle?

The funnest part of the whole project was arranging these ruffles on the dress and sewing them on. It's taking shape!

To finish up, I shortened the sleeves to a more flattering length, took in two back darts 1/2", and hemmed the bottom.

Now I feel as though I have an entirely new dress--for free! What could be better?

I plan to add this to Tea Rose Home's weekly link party. If you've never visited Tea Rose Home, check it out--it is full of creative, resourceful, and ruffly ideas!


  1. Nice job, Mika! It looks adorable. I'll be sending over a couple boxes of my clothes in a few days... *grins*
    To be rather random, the first pic of you looks a lot like Lauren. You guys must be identical or something! lol :p

  2. And I again come to the conclusion that you are brilliant, Mikaela! I don't know how you do it, you are also an amazing seamstress!

  3. What a great idea to "makeover" some of your old threads! : ) You did a great job and the "new" dress is really cute. Will we see future posts on other "makeovers"?

  4. Its lovely! I have been doing the same, redoing my old cloths, so I can reuse them in a new way! How lovely! I love the way the dress turned out with all those ruffles! great job!

  5. Awww...thanks girls! I was considering posting more when/if I get them done (*grin*), but I was going to wait and see how everyone liked this post. I'm so glad you all enjoyed it!
    Sarah--lol--that's exactly the way I think sometimes! "Hey! We do kind of look similar, huh? [insert lightbulb]"
    And Elizabeth--you'd better stop reading now, or else I might lose my luster! ;-) I know that you could do this just as easily as I could--you've made some lovely clothes too!

  6. Very cute what a great idea!

    Found you on Tea Rose Home.

  7. Very pretty! Isn't it amazing how making just a small change gives new life to an outfit.
    Thank you so much for linking to my party!

  8. Oh the love the new ruffles. I have been known to take apart dress's so that they can fit my style too.

  9. (from Turkey) nice blog!..

  10. Reachel--the tables are turned?!! I'm quite accustomed to having a serious case of fashion envy on your blog. ;-) Thanks for commenting.


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