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Robert Frost once said, "In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on [1]." So it does, and so  this week, we are joyfully (and incredulously) commemorating the third anniversary of One Bright Corner. We loved our blog design too much to change it this year, but please click around on the tabs, because everything has been dusted and polished to a high-wattage shine just for you! You'll also notice all our pictures have been updated, from profile pictures, to sidebar pictures, to the tab page pictures, and it's all courtesy of Raquel over at God's Daughter! We had so much fun doing a photo shoot with her, and love having pictures that are not two years old to put up on the blog. ;-)

Of course, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, you will get to hear from three fabulous ladies who have written guest posts for us. Their posts are encouraging, creative, enlightening, and convicting, so make time to visit One Bright Corner every day for these gems! Saturday we will once again upload a vlog-style video to conclude the week, so you can observe us in all our awkward glory (*wink*).

Our blog anniversary would not be complete without giveaways--our thank you to our faithful readers and commenters who make the blogging world go round. Purchased by us with much thought and consideration, we are giving away two items:

A gorgeous antique copy of one of our favorite books of all time by one of our favorite authors of all time: Opening a Chestnut Burr by E.P. Roe (of course we've blogged about him before; click here to read that post). This book drew us in with its intriguing romance and then inspired us with its focus on godly womanhood and manhood. Just writing about it makes us want to re-read the book!

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  A $10 digital gift card to Sacred Audio, a wonderful website with a vast collection of conservative Christian music, audiobooks, sermons, movies, bible studies, and more. Some of our favorites available from them are Eine Kleine Kaffeemusik (a collection of gorgeous instrumental music that falls somewhere between classical music and movie soundtracks), Bright Canaan (creative vocal arrangements of favorite hymns and new hymns set to a wonderfully joyful and Appalachian style accompaniment), and Springs of Living Water (every track an astounding and unique experience as two concert pianists perform hymns arranged for duet). The choice, however, will be up to the winner entirely!

So how to win? So glad you asked! We will have two separate winners; you cannot win more than one item; and one entry will give you a chance to win either one of these two prizes. International readers are welcome to enter, but will only be able to win the gift certificate and not the book. For the first entry, you must be a follower of our blog and leave a comment on this post with a question for us or a suggestion for a future blog post. After this entry, there's also some extra credit! You can gain an extra entry by
  • Putting our blog button (you'll find the code on the sidebar!) on your blog (or leaving it there if it's already up ;-)
  • Announcing the giveaway on your blog with a link to this post
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For each extra entry, please leave a separate comment telling us that you did it! (Do not include all your entries in one comment, as this will make our job more difficult when we sift through all the entries.) Your comments must be entered by midnight PST, Monday, March 5, and we'll announce the winners in Tuesday's post on March 6, when you will have 48 hours to respond with your mailing address (for the book) or email address (for the gift certificate).

We are always excited and inspired by the questions and suggestions you leave us in your comments; this past year, we answered every single one, and we look forward to working through the new ones in 2012. Some of your questions will be answered in Saturday's video (provided you submit them in time), some may be answered in the comment section, and some will be answered in full blog posts throughout the year.

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Once again, thank you so much for your support. We are blessed with wonderful readers who encourage us when we are headed in the right direction, critique us when we are not, and inspire us through it all. The relationships we have formed with you are the greatest gift of all in this blogging experience.




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#3-5: Lauren
#7: Dr Phil

All photos used by permission under the Creative Commons License.


  1. I'd like to enter! :)
    I would love if you would do a series of posts on Christian blogging tips or a fashion series.
    Congratulations on the anniversary!

  2. I would like to enter.

    For my question how about..... How do you rekindle the fire of faith when it seems to have cooled? How do I fall back in love with God and keep that passion at the center of my life?

    Happy anniversary! :)

  3. Happy, happy third anniversary! Thank you for three years of faithful writing, challenging, encouraging, exhorting and brightening of many corners. May God bless you both in this vital ministry!

  4. Hello! Congrats on the anniversary! Thank you for providing us with wholesome and encouraging reading these past years.

    My question is: What is your favorite Bible Chapter?

  5. I have your blog button on my blog.


  6. Congrats, Lauren and Mikaela!! I've loved reading your blog over the past 3 years - you girls do a wonderful job!
    I would really like posts on how you do your hair - I'm running out of ways that I'm able to fix mine, and both of you do a beautiful job with your hair! :-)

  7. Hi Lauren and Mikaela!!

    What a fun giveaway!! I would love to enter. :) Of course, I'm already a follower of your blog (which has been a huge blessing to me these past few months since I first heard about it!). Thank you both for the time you take to be such an encouragement to others!!

    As far as a future blog post goes, this may sound funny, but I would love to hear about life as twins - what it's like, how you relate, etc. I always thought it would have been neat to be a twin :) and I think it would be really great to have twins of my own someday!!!

    Many blessings to you both!!

    With Love,

    P.S. Even though we're currently in Germany, because we're military our address works just like a stateside one. I just thought I'd mention that since we don't actually (by our address anyway :) as being international!

  8. Your blog button is already on our blog!!

    Have a blessed week!!

    ~ Savannah

  9. Happy Anniversary! So glad I found your blog! You young ladies are a true inspiration. Look forward to another year!

  10. Okay, now I've added your button onto my blog...couldn't figure out how to do that at first. :-)

  11. Congratulations, Lauren and Mikaela, on three years of blogging! I so enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for the chance to enter your giveaway!

    I would love to hear ideas about how to connect with, spend time with and enjoy younger siblings. Especially if you have siblings who are close to your own age, but who have very different interests than you do. (As I have :)

    I love the new pictures in your sidebar!

  12. Congrats on three years!! It's not easy to do blog consistently and you guys are amazing at it!
    I think it would be helpful to a lot us if you did a post or two on sibling relationships.

  13. Shared about it on my blog!

  14. I follow your blog!!

    Question, Hmmm... Will you be at the Christian Heritage Conf. this year?


  15. I'm a follower!

    My question is, what is your favorite time peroid in history and why?


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