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Powder Hounds

 I still remember that day when, at age six, Papa took Mikaela and I skiing for the first time.  We got a flat tire on the way up the mountain, but compared to the prospect of skiing, that was but a trifle.  Burned into my memory is that first step I tried to take after strapping these long skis to my feet--I reeled back instead of moving forward, and I suddenly realized that this skiing endeavor might be more difficult than I thought. 

And then that night, back at home where sidewalks were not slippery and no impromptu snowball fights could be had, I demonstrated my skiing prowess to Mama on the garage floor and fell asleep with the gliding sensation of skiing still under my feet.  I loved it!

Since that first time, our family has gone skiing nearly every year, but last year it simply did not work out.  That break in tradition only served to bring our anticipation for this year's ski expedition up to fever pitch!  By Monday evening, we were cozily ensconced in our log cabin, secure against the wintry jungle outside.  By Tuesday morning, we were up early, eating a big breakfast, packing sandwiches, organizing fourteen gloves, seven ski bibs, scarves, goggles, lift tickets, and sundry other items.  We bid Mama good-bye, as she spent the day getting some alone time, and the rest of us crowded into the van for the trek up the mountain.   

Doesn't Jonah look great in his ski gear?  The lift operator asked Melanie, "Is that your little brother?"  "Yes," she replied.  "He's cool," the "dude" then informed her.  We couldn't agree more! 

 The first day of skiing was so beautiful!  The snow was a perfect powder, but the sun shone in a periwinkle sky!  The second day, the wind kicked up and it snowed the whole time, but the powdery perfection on the slopes still meant that we were some happy skiers! 

 Mikaela! (She's always up for doing the black diamonds with me!)

 Me!  (With Susanna awaiting her turn at top!)

 Susanna!  (She's a fabulous skier who does not crash unless another skier on the slope slams into her out of the blue.  Then she tends to lose her balance!)

Melanie! (Who both skiied and snowboarded)!

Micah!  (Who made it his goal to expertly spray all of us with snow whenever he careened to a stop next to us!  I just don't have that talent, even though I tried my best!)

And...Papa!  He took all the photos, so we don't have photographic evidence of him on the slopes.  Just trust me on this...he is one great skier! 

 On the lift ride up one day, a snowboarder asked me, "So are you going to party tonight?"  I chuckled and replied, "Oh, we love to play games and watch movies!"  And indeed, after our nightly soaking of our sore bones in the hot tub, we had family party time!  (It was those same snowboarders who, on discovering that we were skiing two days in a row, informed Susanna and I that, "You are powder hounds, that's what you are!")

 Mikaela is trying to win it for her team with a vigorous demonstration of a sword fight!

 Anna and Micah laugh together. 

Can you tell what we are all so intently focused on watching?  Look closely now...
A friend loaned us the new Emma, and I was the only one in the family who had seen the entire thing!  Besides Mikaela and I, most of our family is not very interested in period dramas, but they actually all watched the whole thing and enjoyed it very much!  (Well, the boys might not put it into so many words, but I'm good at reading between the lines!) 

Saying good-bye to "our" cabin for another year!  Until 2013! 


  1. Hey, I just found your blog through God's Daughter, and I really love your writing technique! Your blog is a blast!

    This was a VERY entertaining post. Usually I get bogged down by long posts, but your humor and style kept me going strong. It was a pleasure to read!

    You now have 1 more follower to boot!

    - DJWilson

  2. DJ--Thanks for reading, commenting, and following! I love writing--I have ever since I could hold a pencil--so it makes me very happy that you didn't get bogged down and enjoyed the style. Mission accomplished!

  3. Hooray for a wonderful trip! Looks likes heaps o' fun. Mika's swordfight deomonstration is priceless!!! :D

  4. The Vaccaros want to join you next year; the girls went snowboarding for the first time a few weeks back and loved it. Beautiful snow, crazy fun relatives, lots of snacks.....please take us!!!! XOXO, Aunt Hiedie

  5. That would be so much fun to go with you guys! We're going to have to coordinate something! And you're definitely right about the lots of snacks...those are essential to keep up your strength on the slopes! (-:

  6. I've been reading all your posts about dressing feminine and I'm curious why you choose to wear pants while skiing and not skirts and leggings? I'm uncertain whether that is modest or not.


  7. Dear Georgia,
    It is good to think about these things and evaluate everything from a Biblical worldview, is it not? With that said, I am not the standard to which other believers should compare themselves--Jesus Christ is that standard. Colossians 3:23 says, “And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men.” His Word should be our foremost guide for modesty, and we must follow the conviction of the Holy Spirit as well as the instruction of the authorities in our lives (father, husband). I would encourage you to discuss this with your father/husband since, quite frankly, standards are going to vary from person to person, and while I am very passionate about feminine and modest dressing, and I am also not your final standard on that subject!
    I will add my personal convictions and thoughts on this, but not as if for someone to copy exactly what I do. After prayer, study, and talking with my father, I have arrived at the conclusion that it is more modest for me to wear my snowclothes than to wear a skirt and leggings. The chance of a skirt flying up in your face seems more immodest than otherwise, not to mention dangerous and attention-drawing.
    May the Lord guide you and give you His wisdom as you seek Him in all areas of your life!


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