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The Year In Verse

Back: Mama and Melanie
Center: Susanna, Lauren, Mikaela
Front: Micah, Jonah, Papa
Taken on San Juan Island this summer

2011 was a year of much growth.
It began with February’s celebration:
Mom and Dad’s twenty-seventh anniversary,
Which they spent at the beach in great jubilation!

Our church family camp was a highlight of July.
We tented at Lake Loomis in both rain and shine,
Nonetheless, we laughed hard and played long in the night,
And learned of families and God’s perfect design.

Soon after, we took a road trip to Idaho
For Christmas in July with Papa’s family.
From alka seltzer and soda-swallowing games
To chatting, the day was full of festivity!

August brought adventure Susanna, fourteen, planned.
The Olympic Forest was our lush camping ground,
This time without any rain, so we made mem’ries
And hiked several ridges Susanna had found.

When poor Jonah endured over twenty bee stings
He won the badge of bravery for that long hike,
And he found the balmy bee-less Sol Duc hot springs
Much more hospitable with much much more to like!

We finished the trip with a lovely ferry ride
Debarking at Friday Harbor, San Juan Island.
We soaked up lavender farms, historical sights,
And the ocean’s beauty created by God’s hand.

In October, Melanie was the leader of
The kid’s program for a creation conference.
Painting lizards, creating huts, teaching lessons—
Helping was quite a wonderful experience.

This year found Papa travelling to Canada
Then for a week to North Carolina for work,
(Where he squeezed in touring Kitty Hawk and Roanoke)
He continues to lead as an elder at church.

Mama produced an amazing garden bounty,
And is Homemaker Extraordinairre for us all!
She and Melanie have been gluten free this year;
Their gluten-free baking is quite delectable!

Which will, Lord willing, once she heals up, do away
With pain she has been experiencing since June,
We are grateful if you would join with us and pray!

Mikaela and I travelled to Utah in June
With friend Sarah for violin teacher training
And since September have been enjoying taking
Charge of our three youngest siblings in homeschooling.

We still teach music and play in the symphony.
Blogging is another thing that we delight in.
We continue working on our college degree,
And, praise the Lord, we are both nearing completion!

Melanie graduated from high school in June,
And she has also obtained her driver’s permit.
A Bible and Science degree takes up her time,
But her love for piano she does not forget!

Anna excels at violin and piano,
And her schedule is filled with school, babysitting,
Helping mothers at church, passing me up in height
And thrilling us with culinary creating.

Micah is twelve, and he is industrious at
Beating me by a long shot when we go jogging,
Mastering the cello, getting smarter each day
And memorizing the book of Titus since spring.

This is Jonah’s final year in single digits;
He’s our encourager, making us laugh each day!
He plays the violin, herds our zoo of creatures,
And cuddles our three cute orange kitties in play.

It has been a satisfying and fruitful year,
Not all easy, but God’s grace has been sufficient,
And we pray that that grace will surround you and
Your Christmas and New Year will be magnificent!


  1. cool! I love the family picture.


  2. What a great way to review the year! You packed a lot in that "verse." : )

  3. Happy, happy New Year! May it be blessed for your family.

  4. I love this! So cute. :) Happy New Year! :D



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