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Class of '11

Saturday was Melanie's graduation party. Eighty to one hundred people gathered on our property for fun, fellowship, and a celebration of Melanie's exciting achievement! It's amazing to think that half of our family has now graduated--and all of us have been homeschooled through every grade.

Our beautiful aunt and adorable cousin came...

There was lots of talking and catching up...

There were the security details patrolling the property...

Then the ceremony itself...

There were the volleyball players...

And the volleyball watchers...

Time with friends and family...

Pulled pork for lunch and cake, cupcakes, and ice cream for dessert...

Pictures with Grandma and Grandpa...

And pictures with Mama and Papa...

Special presents from special people...

And lots of cap throwing...
And then, after everyone had gone home, we stealthily crept towards Mel, innocently gathering up her gifts, and bombed her with three cans of silly string.
It was a good day.

All pictures taken by Jennifer (Mama)


  1. LOL! I love the last part...that's perfect, and lovely, and awesome!
    I'm so excited for Mel! What a fun milestone to reach...she's super! :)

  2. Congratulations to Mel! Y'all make me want to homeschool my kids more and more. I love that you get to create your own ceremony. Creativity must be a big part of being homeschooled.

  3. Wasn't that nice of us to wait until everyone had left? ;-)

    Samantha--I pray that you do homeschool your children! You won't ever regret it. It is wonderful to be creative in homeschooling--even in our choice of curriculum, we got to tailor things to meet each one of our interests (while certainly not neglecting the weaknesses. ;-) I have attended very formal homeschool graduations, group homeschool graduations, and the less formal ceremonies, like ours--it's fun to see how each one is unique and different.

  4. Mikaela, where did you get your lovely dress? (I would like one of that sort.)

  5. Aw! Congratulations, Melanie!! You have matured into such a lovely young lady!

    Great photos :)

  6. Penn--thank you! I actually got it at Forever 21, but I have seen other maxi dresses at Ross and Target this season too. If you find something that you like, but it's strapless, you could also consider sewing on ribbon straps to fashion your own dress.

    Raquel--I'll pass your kind words on. ;-)

  7. My sister graduated this year too. God bless you!!!!!!!! Come on over.

  8. It's such an exciting milestone, isn't it?

  9. What a fun day that was - celebrating Melanie and her milestone, as well as having so much time to catch up with friends. Great photos! And, I love the grand finale. :)


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