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Breaking News on the Event of the Year

LONG BEACH, WA: Rain was no match for the seasoned Heritage Bible Church Campers who gathered at Long Beach, Washington last weekend for an intense time of all things wonderful and refreshing.  They thronged to the campsite in a suprising array of twelve passenger vans and suburbans, carrying vast supplies of food and chocolate.  This reporter trailed along to keep you up-to-date on all the strange goings-on of this group. 
Babies also seemed to be in vast supply to this reporter.  However, despite the fact that the median age of the campers was 2, there never seemed to be enough babies to fill the arms that wanted to hold them! 

You would not expect a symphony orchestra at a campground, but there very nearly was one at this camp. The only thing missing was a saxaphone, it would seem. 
They all seemed to get a bizarre thrill out of a song called "Father Abraham."  Some people began the song at a leisurely trot, but a quick glance at the Heritage Bible people convinced them to break into a quick jog at the very least! 

See?  I wasn't kidding about the orchestra! 

These five men were the speakers of the weekend--the Craig men, who were also quite talented musicians and vocalists!  Their family fit right in with the other families, and from all the laughing, fellowshipping, counseling, and jovial ribbing, I know some lasting friendships were formed. 

Their sermons were quite revolutionary, and they were all concerning the topic of glorifying God in your family.  These godly men pointed out that relationships expose sin, which is why we run from relationships.  They shared that you will only be as strong as your relationships are.  Several times, they challenged young people specifically, frankly stating that they do not have a vision for passing on a godly heritage yet it is vital that they do become visionary.  Every word was rich with sincerity, truth, and opportunity for application. 
They spoke with conviction, power, and many "believe-me-I've-tried-this" anecdotes that had everyone chuckling. 
A question and answer time yielded some good discussion time. 


S'mores were a delicacy not to be missed, in which I may or may not have indulged one or more times.  I can't confirm, but the coconut marshmallows with Reese's peanut butter cups sandwiched between golden graham crackers may or may not have been delectable.  

The young folk made a beeline for the dirt, where they dug to China over the weekend and emerged muddy, yet happy and very satisfied. 

A certain family (of which Lauren and Mikaela are members) was in charge of games, and I was quite  shocked when they all made their entrance with sunglasses and stern glares, then prepared to inform us of a deep historical tale of intrigue and suspense, involving lost Old Testament pages which make up the most accurate copy of the Old Testament.  This game was a week-long event which resulted in hilarity and confusion too fascinating to do justice in this short space.

A strange game called Dutch Blitz seemed to be very popular, but I didn't even venture to join--the competition was too hard-core and the cards were flying too fast to even see.  But these people must have liked it--they stayed up until midnight to finish tournaments of it!  

Family games were held in the rain, with not an umbrella to be seen, but smiles in abundance! 

The food was fabulous, and all of the people at this camp were refreshingly eager and cheerful to jump up and do dishes, wipe tables, chop lettuce, and serve in general.  Singing, laughing, and talking generally accompanied the work as well. 
A five-year old volleyball champ! 
This was an example of family harmony, unity...and fun!
Amazing volleyball move...
Flabbergasting volleyball move...
Even more volleyball and soccer moves that would blow you over...
Wet tents and rain notwithstanding, by the end of the weekend, I was quite impressed with this group!  I'm beginning to understand why the Heritage Bible Church Family Camp is called the event of the year. 

 By: Laurence B. Newsy


  1. Looks like you all had a fabulous Family Camp and the rain did not dampen your spirits or fun at all. Thank you for sharing the great photos! Great job on reporting Reporter Newsy. ;)

  2. What an incredible amount of fun and fellowship! Everything sounded absolutely delightful and I enjoyed the way you "reported" it. From the looks and sounds of it I would have to agree that y'all most definitely do have one of the best church camping trips ever and I absolutely wish I could have joined you!
    Love and blessings,

  3. That was a fun post! I enjoyed seeing some familiar faces as well some pictures of our friends! :)

  4. Very nice post. I like this blog.. Keep it up.


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