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Summer Holiday

Last week, we traveled to Idaho to spend the week with our grandparents on the beautiful lake they live on. It was a wonderful time of rest, relaxation, and fun!

While there, Lauren and I celebrated a certain milestone!

We also went on a looooong bike ride!

After 1 1/2 hours of boating down the lake and a river, the boat stopped some 40 miles from Grandma and Grandpa's house. Yikes! Providentially, although we were on a secluded part of the river, the boat stalled right in front of a friendly couple's house, and they promptly offered to tie us up at the dock and take Grandpa into town to get the part he needed.

While waiting, we had a beautiful view across the river! We also discovered that the couple lived in our town until recently, and the man worked at the same place Papa works! Now is it a small world or what?

The boat's working again! Praise the Lord!

Micah made a rite of passage Grandpa instituted that all of us have gone through over the many summers at the lake. To be allowed on the dock without a life jacket, he had to swim from one designated point to another. He made it! Was there ever any doubt?

We got to catch up with our "triplet" (born on the same day and year as us).

Waterskiing! It's harder than it looks!

So long for now, Idaho! Another year of sweet memories at the lake with so many favorite past times. Which picture is your favorite?

All pictures taken by Mama


  1. Happy birthday Lauren and Mikaela!
    Looks like you guys had a good time.
    Those are beautiful pictures!
    Do you know what the name of that lake was?

    God Bless

  2. Happy Birthday!
    My favorite pictures are the 2nd and 5th ones!
    I love summer family vacations- especially on the lake. This year (on friday actually) our family is going to visit Washington DC for our vacation! I love history so this will be very exciting! We went there once before, 5 yrs ago- but I still can't wait to go again!

    If you want to see what we are doing and the sites we are seeing while we are gone you can become a follower on the blog we started for it:


  3. FUN!! I am fighting feelings of jealousy at the moment...what a fun week at the lake! I loved ALL the pictures, especially of all you siblings having fun together! The one of you four sisters is super cute too.

    Do you have many lakes there?
    I live here in MN, "the land of 10,000 lakes," and we actually live right on a lake, but we hardly ever take time to actually enjoy it. Sad, I know...but I do have the excuse that it's not a good swimming lake--too much icky green algae and scum. You have inspired me that I should get out in the paddleboat sometime this week, though. :)

    Happy birthday!! Hey, when is you gals' birthday? Mine is August 14th. (I turned 21)
    Hope this year is full of learning from the Lord and growing in Him!
    Thanks for being an encouragement to me!

    Kelsey :o)
    p.s. Though I don't have a blog of my own for you to check out, I am going to be guest-blogging on my mom's blog ever Wednesday -- --feel free to check it out!

  4. awesome, wonderful pics... hope you had - well, obviously, you had a FABulous time!!

  5. Thanks ladies!
    I will have to check out your new blog, Victoria! We went back east in 2007 (you can read all about it on my blog "Journey to Jamestown" which you can find on my profile)--you're going to have such a blast! And there's so much to see, five years is NOT too soon!
    Kelsey--I have only been in Minnesota for layovers (good ole Minneapolis ;-), but I do believe you have many more lakes than we do. We have a decent amount, but surprisingly, a lot of them are formed from dams (not this lake, though). I can't wait to check out your posts--I've always wished you had a blog!

  6. Wonderful photos! My favorites would have to be the first four. The scenery is so beautiful. And also, happy birthday to you and Lauren!

  7. I see a Bob Jones University sweatshirt. My dad is an alum. Don't know if it's a big school, but that caught my eye. Anyway, happy birthday, and enjoy the remainder of your summer!

  8. Great Pictures! I liked all of them, but the second one of the boy in the inner tube is one of my faves. He really looks like he's having the time of his life.
    Happy Birthday to both of you!!

  9. What fun photos! I liked them all, but I think my favorites were of Jonah on the innertube, the four sisters, Jonah and grandma and the one of the whole family. What a special time to treasure!


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