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Our Triplet is Married!

Left to Right: Megan A.

You probably knew that I am a twin, but did you know that I am also a triplet? What are the odds that three babies are born on the same day? What are the odds that their parents are friends? Furthermore, what are the odds that, 19 years later, they still keep in touch despite the fact that one family lives in Washington and the other in Idaho? Pretty incredible, let me tell you--but definitely possible. Last week my family and I traveled to the Idaho panhandle to help Megan celebrate her marriage to Matthew A..
Megan (l), Matt (in back), me (center), and Lauren (right) the day before the big day!
The parents of the bride!
Thing One (otherwise known as Anthony, but commonly known as Tony)--the bride's brother
hamming it up (as usual).

The wedding was held outside at the A.'s lovely home, so Megan asked Lauren and I to play all of the wedding ceremony music on our violins. There we are (above, left) playing during the rehearsal. That's Crystal (Megan's cousin) and Tony skipping down the aisle after the rehearsal.

In the picture above, right, we are doing exactly what it looks like we are doing: cutting individual hydrangea blossoms and sticking hundreds of them into cheesecakes. Very beautiful, but...

The wedding party! Notice the littlest bridesmaid (Kaytelin, Megan's sister) holding hands with the ring bearer, Samuel. ;-)

We love you Megan! May the Lord bless your and Matt's life together!
All pictures courtesy of Mama, except for the rehearsal pictures, which were taken by Nick A..


  1. That is SO neat! Thank you for sharing! And the pictures were beautiful!! It looked like a beautiful wedding! I know a couple who got married last Saturday and it's just so neat to see more young, Christian ladies getting married. Congratulations on one of your "twin"'s weddings! :)
    With Love,

  2. Looks like a ton - a fun hydrangeas and all! ;)

  3. You know what's funny? My sister Sarah's birthday is on the 9th as well! She was born in 1988 though. I guess it's just a day special people were born on! : )

  4. The pictures of the two of you playing outside made me want to burst with joy! I still think it is incredible that God allowed us to "meet" two such likeminded twin Christian girls who also play the violin!

    I will sit down and e-mail you soon, Mikaela, God willing. I have been very busy at home, but should be able to write soon. Until then, God bless!

    In Him,


  5. Raquel--yeah, unlike the men in my family, I love weddings. Got another one this weekend, BTW. ;-)
    Sarah--the hydrangeas on the cheesecake looked GORGEOUS. I think I'll do it for my wedding someday; I won't be doing it the morning of though, but I know who will be. ;-)
    Rebecca--thanks for commenting! August 9th is definitely a good day.
    Courtney--you are so sweet. It is amazing how similar we are, huh? I'm so glad you found our blog a few weeks ago, and we'll have to make extra-special effort to keep in touch with all of our busy schedules. Say hi to Molly, and I'll be waiting for your email!


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