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When the Rain Comes

Yesterday, we participated in a first annual film festival with four other families. We received the word our movie was to be about--"JOY"--at 6 AM and spent the next twelve hours frantically brainstorming, filming, editing, and stressing. Parent participation was strictly prohibited, and every child's participation was mandatory, so throughout the day, we learned to work together through the fun moments and the hectic ones, striving for a common goal and desire.

Movie making seems a lot like life, doesn't it?

So, without further ado, please enjoy our movie--but remember, it is our first attempt ever at something like this!

When the Rain Comes copyright 2010 by Lauren and Mikaela. Copying, reposting, or otherwise distributing this video is strictly forbidden without express permission from the owners.

Music, in order of appearance:

"I Forgive You" by Thomas Newman

"Singin' in the Rain" by Nacio Herb Brown and Arthur Freed and sung by Gene Kelly


  1. Great job! I really enjoyed it.

  2. Wonderful!!! ; D

    Your film was so sweet and fun to watch too. I guess first of all because I've done a tad of film making with my siblings as well, not that its of much account but we had piles of fun doing it. (It had was about Redneckish, Hillbilly families feuding =) A cousin and some friends from our home school group were actors in it as well. We haven't done anything for a film festival yet but we sure would like to in the future.


    P. S. If you want to watch it you can get to it through here:

  3. Good job you guys! You had a lot of activities (cooking, washing the dog, etc) packed into that little movie! You must have been very busy!
    It was fun to see all of you siblings who I've seen in pictures "in action!"

  4. Thanks Amanda!
    Anna, I will have to check out your movie--I have a much deeper appreciation for the work involved in these things now. ;-)
    Kelsey--Oh, we were going nonstop yesterday. It was quite crazy. It was a ton of fun though, and I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

  5. Thoroughly enjoyed it! Great job.

  6. Samantha--thanks for looking past all the imperfections and quirks. =)
    Mimi--oh, thank you!

  7. What a fun video with a great message! I very much enjoyed it, especially the sequence involving washing the dog. : ) So, did you win anything or was it just for fun?

  8. I am not able to see the video. What type of player did you use?

  9. This was touching. I loved the video, and everyone in your family is so good-looking! :) And yeah, did you win anything for the video?

  10. This was an informal film festival among friends. So we won an award for "Best Use of Biblical Principles" and a Snickers bar for each member of the family. =)
    Elizabeth--I uploaded the video using Blogger, so I assumed it would play with Blogger's video, but it looks to me like it is actually running on YouTube's platform. Are you still at NoteWorthy? If so, it's probably blocked. :(
    Try it again when you get home--and I can't wait to hear all about your jam-packed three weeks!

  11. Opps, I cannot view the video!! I'll try with another browser or with another computer maybe. But the picture above is so beautiful. Hope you'll do more in the future!

  12. That was fun! :) I've only done a very long student film for a friend of mine. This was far cuter and understandable haha
    The editing was pretty good too!
    Did you start your own film competitions, or join one?


  13. Hi... this is Amy, a new follower. I just found your blog today. I really like it. Just so you know I have had the same experience when our highschool class made a sing-a-long DVD with eight videos on it. It is more work than you first think. We learned how to work together and even hash things out when we didn't agree. We did finish it and with a lot of undeserved help for which we were really thankful.

    I am planning to continue reading this blog.
    Please check out mine ASAP. My mother, sister and I have a home business sewing baby items.
    Follow me.

  14. Really enjoyed your video! Great job!

  15. Great Job for your first video! You remind me of me, alot! We have made so many videos with our family, or in our church we would have contests. They are so much fun to make, but there are always trials during it cause we are working with people (sinners) I hope you make lots more, I can't wait to see them!

  16. SEY--I hope you were able to figure it out. Am I impressing you with my technical prowess yet? =)
    Rae--We joined a friend's competition. I'm so glad you enjoyed the movie! While I did do some of the editing, Melanie was our chief editor and I stand amazed at her savvy in all things computer.
    Amy--thanks so much for following. You're right--movie making is one of the most unique, character-stretching activities out there!
    Shelbi--thank you!
    Victoria--lol, very good point. Life would be so much easier if everyone else was sinless like me! (KIDDING!)

  17. Wow- That was such a sweet, lovely video's hard to believe that that was your first one!
    It looked like lots of fun to make!
    And I agree with Mimi, what a lovely blog!


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