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Not Your Typical Thursday

Yesterday was such an exceptionally splendid day. Of course, our regular readers already know that something catastrophic is rumbling, because we only ever post on Tuesdays and Fridays, and here we are invading your dashboard on a Thursday! But in order to explain that anomaly, we must go back to the aforementioned splendid Wednesday. Any day that involves music (which is everyday, these days) is automatically filed under the "good day" category--and yesterday was no exception. So, though yesterday yielded almost an inch of wet stuff, it didn't stop us from splashing through the beating rain to attend piano lessons and take brother to cello lessons. You know all those stereotypes you've heard about Washington being rainy? They're true. We broke our own record for the rainiest May in this area, and let us tell you--we don't have paltry rain records!

That evening, our family had time to meet a very special person--a brand new baby girl born yesterday to special friends of ours. See now? An inch of rain, piano lessons, and a new baby girl. June 9th was shaping up to be a noteworthy day.

After a wonderful time of prayer and worship at church, we were enjoying a beautiful drive home (the rain had disappeared). Spread below us was the Columbia River, with Mt. St. Helens looming in the background, and boats chugging along in the foreground. While discussing the merits of strawberry shortcake versus brownie moose track ice cream for dessert, one of us spotted an odd billow of smoke in what looked to be the center of our smallish town. The closer we got, the bigger the smoke got.

"Is it our new Jo-Ann's?" Mama wondered, which made everyone groan from the horror of the thought.

"I think it might be the elementary school!" Mikaela guessed.

"It looks like its on the other side of the river," Papa calculated. He was ready to give up the chase and go home, but he took a vote--and the majority voted to continue driving toward the smoke.

As we got closer, the traffic got thicker (what else is there to do on a rainy June day?).

"I think it's the water treatment plant!" Papa said. We wanted to argue--isn't there some sort of impossible irony connected with a water treatment plant catching fire?--but we couldn't. The source did indeed seem to be our town's one and only water treatment plant.

The stream of cars was bumper to bumper until we realized with a sigh of relief that it was an abandoned house fifty feet from the water treatment plant. The firemen stood back and watched the inferno very nonchalantly, so we guessed the blaze was a controlled burn.

"They should have sold tickets!" someone quipped.

But since we were not shameless gawkers and elected not to park the car and stare at the burning building with those who were shameless, we wound our way home. Once there, strawberry shortcake was in process--we had the shortcake part of our dessert in the oven--when Lauren came rushing downstairs.

"Mikaela! Mikaela!" she said. "There's something weird going on on Blogger! We got twenty new followers? I think it's a mistake!"

We ran up to her laptop, determined to get to the bottom of this odd turn of events. Clicking on the counter statistics, we were both speechless to see that we had gotten almost 1500 new visitors since we had last checked the blog six hours before. Clicking on the referring websites solved the mystery, though. Every single one gave Blogger home or Blog of Note as the referring website. For some reason as mysterious as it is delightful, One Bright Corner was named "Blog of Note" by Blogspot--that is to say, Google likes our blog! This, then, is the real root of our strange Thursday posting: we have had no earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, or elopements to warrant a Thursday post, but we have been liked by Google!

We ate our strawberry shortcake in wonderment as our family said awfully nice things and quickly caught up on our latest post. They told us we were famous and asked if we'd still love them anyways. Of course! And the beautiful, irreplaceable, noteworthy day came to an end.

No fears, though. Today is shaping up to be just as inimitable--not only have we gained 60 new followers since yesterday, but we've received 2,000 new visitors just this morning. It's that sort of day where we will dance around singing "Hallelujah Chorus" all day long. At the top of our lungs. Very high, and very screeching. But won't you stick around, anyways? Look around and let us know what you think. We promise we'll be back to our normal selves tomorrow. And, after all, if we are "blog of note," then you are the highly honored readers, followers, and commenters of note--thank you so much! Oh, and our neighbor just called to say there was a mysterious minivan that plunged into the creek on our road, but not to worry. Just another atypical day around here!



  1. Atypical Thursdays are often the very best kind. Congratulations on your new successes, and may you have many, many more!

  2. Congrats on being a blog of note. This being the first that I have read, I can see why google likes you.

    Wow - someday I want to say that :-)
    "Google likes me" :-)

    And I am glad that it wasn't the new JoAnn's ... that would have been tragic indeed!

    I think I will be a follower too :-)

  3. Congratulations, Mikaela and Lauren! You are very faithful, dependable bloggers and you definitely deserve recognition. I am glad that so many people are going to be able to enjoy your blog as much as I have.

  4. I just wanna say CONGRATUTATIONS on being Blog of Note. Google loves you.

  5. CONGRATS LADIES On Blog of Note!!!

  6. Congrats on being a blog of note! Come visit if you have minute at

  7. I really like your blog!


  8. No WAY! How cool is that!? So happy for you both. I just checked the blogs of note a few days ago, can't believe I missed it.


  9. It must have been a delightful surprise to find out you're a blog of note. Way to persevere through the rain to get to piano lessons.

  10. Lovely blog! I'm one of your new viewers! Congratulations on becoming a blogger of note!

  11. How much did you have to pay in order to become blog of the day? Do they accept Euro?


  12. Tim--
    I would suggest painting your pinky finger purple while attempting to break the Guiness record for a headstand. Yep--that should do it. Much quicker results than any cliched amount of cash.

  13. I'm really enjoying your blog. :)

  14. American Tourist--I know--I'm really starting to like atypical Thursdays! Countess Laurie--you're so sweet, thank you! I am thrilled you are a new follower and am glad we agree on the importance of Joann's! Charae--Thanks so muc and thank you for being a faithful, dependable reader! I still can't believe this is happening!
    Banco--Google loves *me*?! (-: Thanks for celebrating with us!
    Wiedy, Elisa, Levonne, T3H, Mr. Joe, and Jonathan--Thanks so much for your congratulations! Every one of your comments brings a smile to my face!
    Keilah--Isn't this crazy? We were just named blog of note last night, so it makes sense that you didn't see it before! But wow--I'm wih you--it's very cool!
    Alyssa--It was indeed a fabulous surprise! And we're kind of like the postal workers when it comes to piano lessons: Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet...
    Evelyn and Mandy--So glad you're new readers and enjoying everything! It is so much fun to "meet" all these new people!
    Keep the comments coming everyone--we both love reading each one!

  15. Hey girls! Congratulations! Wow...and I thought we were getting a lot of rain! Somehow, even on the opposite side of the country, we are getting a share of your rain! Glad the Joann's didn't burn down...that would have been bad!

  16. Congratulations, Lauren and Mikaela!

    I have really enjoyed your posts ever since I discovered your blog through Jasmine Baucham's, and I've been lurking for quite a little while. My sister (who also enjoys your writing) and I were discussing recently that we needed to de-lurk on some the amazing blogs we follow and there is this momentous occasion to do so on yours. Keep posting, please. : )


  17. Elizabeth--are you trying to comfort me with your rain? Well, it worked. ;-) Actually, as you know, I don't mind the rain to terribly much. This year has been exceptional, though!
    I'm so glad you decided to delurk, Laura! We will certainly keep posting, and hope that you'll keep commenting. It's an honor to have you and your sister reading.

  18. And so, overnight it seems, my friends are famous! Congrats a hundred times over! (And I'm glad it wasn't Joann's that burned down - I was about to vent frustrated tears for you!) :D

  19. Stumbled on to your blog tonight. Very refreshing to feel your hope and optimism in your writings.

  20. Congrats to you guys for the blog of note! I just started reading your stuff...and really enjoy it...I am still waiting for my FIRST follower! hahaha

  21. I weird is that, Sarah? I don't think we qualify as "famous," but I'll let it slide today. ;-)
    I'm so glad you've looked around and liked what you saw, Holly and Anonymous!

  22. You are on my radar now.

  23. Congrats on Blog of Note! You have a wonderful blog, come check out mine sometime!

    Glad you enjoyed your special day ;p

  24. Even missionaries in Poland can see your blog now ;) Keep up the good work and keep having fun as you serve Him.

  25. Thanks, Jess, Fred, and Corey! Poland has a special place in our heart.
    Unfortunately, I just accidentally rejected TEN delightful comments! They are lost forever, so if you commented last night or early this morning, please recomment! In any case, Lauren and I got to read them all, and they gave us a smile. I just pressed the wrong sorry!

  26. Welcom!!

  27. Found your blog as I was about to sign in. You're an amazing writer and your blog is wonderful. Also, congrats on Blogs of Note...


  28. Wonderful...our modern day Bronte' sisters. Keep up the nice reflections.

  29. Congratulations! Our own modern day Bronte' sisters. Keep up the nice reflections.

  30. Hey!
    I just found you through the "Blog of Note" and I'm very happy to become your 250th follower! I read back a few blogs and I really enjoyed what I've seen so far. Your heart for Christ is evident in what you write. Keep up the good work girls, and I'll look forward to your new posts!

  31. Wow, it is great to see a blog like this. What part of WA do ya'll live? I lived around Seattle for sometime, and loved every moment of it. Also, what denomination are you? If you don't answer here then answer to my email! Thanks! I really enjoyed this site.

  32. congrat on blog of note! someday, i hope get it :))

  33. Greetings from the other side of the country (Alabama, and very HOT!) Congrats on being a "blog of note!" I am a new follower and fellow blogger! I am loving your posts so far! Yall are amazing girls and it looks like God has a lot in store for you both. Happy Blogging!

  34. Thomas--thanks so much for reading and commenting! It's great to have you! As you may be able to understand, I don't like to share where I live in WA, but I have been to Seattle many many times and agree with you about loving WA! It's definitely my favorie state, although it also happens to be the only state I've ever lived in! (-:
    Also, as for denomination--our church is non-denominational. This does not translate to "wishy-washy" on the things of God, however; we strive to follow the Word of God alone as our standard, so we are a family-integrated, Bible-believing church--a body of believers maturing together!
    Happy Wednesday!

  35. I just found you on "Blogs of Note" too, and loved your stand for the Lord. I'm interested, too, in how you get a script font for your post titles. I'll put a link to your blog in mine, and I'm delighted to find you!

  36. Thanks, Debbie! I'm so encouraged to hear that our love of God shines through! With all the amazing comments we've been getting, we've also gotten some not-so-nice ones, so yours is an extra-special-blessing today. ;-)
    Thanks for the link also! We value those so much and are honored.
    As for the script does make a huge difference in your blog, but it can be rather complicated.
    I followed these directions, and they worked exactly as promised. This one looked intriguing, and decidedly simpler, but I've never tried it.
    God Bless!

  37. Whoops! The first link didn't work as planned. Here it is again.


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