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A Cheesy Limerick for a Wonderful Guy

I hope you enjoy this corny composition as well as the pictures and creations from my father's childhood.
June ninteenth was a day oh so good,
When we whistled and shouted and stood,
For the man of the hour,
The king of our tow’r,
Had a birthday as ev’ryone should.

Not yet half of a cent’ry ago,
Was our Papa born cute as a bow.
So they christened him Steve,
But don’t laugh up your sleeve,
For his moniker, Stove, was so-so.
From his hair to his toes, he was cute,
And his brains and his brawn braced his suit.
Young Jen captured his eyes,
And he captured his prize,
So they started their fam’ly tree shoot.

Now lil’ Stove became Steve became Dad,
He’s my teacher, my help, my comrade.
He has character, yes!
And he loves God the best.
He’s my Papa; the best to be had.


  1. Happy be-lated birthday to your Papa! Hope he had wonderful day! :)

  2. What a cute post! :) Great job on it, Mikaela!
    Was this for his birthday or for Father's Day? Not sure. :) If so, please wish him both from me :)

    PS: Wow! I saw how many followers you gals now have! That is super! Good job!

  3. Hey Lauren and Mikaela!
    I've just started reading your blog, and I've been through all your old posts. And I absolutely love what you guys write. Also, you girls do remind me of Meg, Amy, Jo and Beth from Little Women. Keep up the good work! :)
    Maryam Khan.

  4. love, LOVE, LOVE YOUR BLOG...

  5. This was really touching. It is good to see families that still love each other.

    If you get a chance check out Sam's World.

  6. the limerick is actually not-so-cheesy :)

    in any case, it certainly is cute

  7. I will definitely wish Papa a Happy Birthday for you, Sarah and Raquel! Yes, this was mostly for his b-day, Raquel--two special days celebrating one special man in one busy weekend! =)
    We still can't quite comprehend the number of followers we now have--it humbles us and makes us even more conscious of the responsibility we have as bloggers. Thanks so much to all of our loyal followers!
    Thanks so much for your sweet comments, Maryam (what a lovely name!) and Laura! We're so glad you found us!

  8. Happy Birthday, Papa. Cute limerick.

  9. Happy Birthday, creative limerick... Im glad i found ur blog, its a bright spark in my gloomy life..

  10. S.D.--we certainly do love each other tremendously! Sometimes I forget how increasingly unusual that is, but my family's love certainly is the bright spot in my life.
    Thanks, Ruthibelle, Earth Gipsy, and Zoe for taking the time to comment! I had hoped that the limerick's reputation for being off-the-wall would excuse it's cheesiness--so thank-you for agreeing with me. ;-)

  11. What a cute limericks!! Hope he had a great birthday! :)

  12. Congratulations! If it wasn't for Blogs of Note I would never have found you. Your blog is very creative and clever. It's different. Congratulations!

    view my blog & follow!
    I need followers..


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