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The Winning Combination

Thank you so much to everyone who helped to make this anniversary week at One Bright Corner a blast! Of course, we all loved hearing from the creative, challenging, and consummate guest writers--so thank you, Sarah, Jasmine, and Mama! And then to you--our readers, our followers, and our commenters--thank you! As you know, we wanted to give away two gifts as a token of our appreciation. So this morning, we put everyone's entries on bits of paper, folded them up, and stirred them around in a purple-flowered teapot. Then Jonah, our seven year-old brother who is pretending to be Apolo Ohno today with a bandana around his head (he can't quite grow a soul patch yet), drew two names out of the pot.

So, to clarify, Noah has won the 4-month 8-issue subscription to World magazine, and Lucia has won the $10 gift certificate to Amazon! Please comment on this post, both of you, with your physical mailing address and email address. We will not publish your comment or give out your information. You have until midnight PST, Tuesday, March 2nd to claim your prize.

Thanks to everyone who entered and followed--and remember--it's not the darkness of your corner, but the brightness of your light that matters!

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