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Tea for Twenty

It's a Valentine's Day Tea!

And it was all Susanna's idea.

The tea was for the ladies of our church. So we cleaned, cooked, decorated, and then cleaned some more (because by the time you've made it through that list, the house is dirty again).

And by Saturday morning, everything was ready! The table was set...the house was decorated...

The scones-lemoncurd-mockdevonshirecream-fruit-cucumbersandwiches-eggsaladsandwiches-pb&jsandwiches-oliveandfetasandwiches-truffles-hightealemoncookies-browniecherrymoussebites-chocolatecoveredstrawberries-rasberrytea-pepperminttea-englishbreakfasttea were done!

And then, we taught everyone how to make our decorations for us--tissue paper roses!

It has been our experience that people smile
way too much at these sorts of events, so we
played the "smile" game--"it" is the only one allowed to smile, trying to trap everyone else into smiling without touching them. Let me tell you--getting a group of women and girls to hold back their smiles, giggles, and outright laughter is only slightly easier than damming the Columbia River.

Then of course, it was time to serve and eat the scones-lemoncurd-mockdevonshirecream-fruit-cucumbersandwiches-eggsaladsandwiches-pb&jsandwiches-oliveandfetasandwiches-truffles-hightealemoncookies-browniecherrymoussebites-chocolatecoveredstrawberries-rasberrytea-pepperminttea-englishbreakfasttea (all in their proper courses, naturally).

Only nursing infant boys were allowed, and Melanie got to hold Nathan--at his first tea party!

We played Valentine's Day Bingo as Lauren read the story of St. Valentine. We chatted, sipped tea, laughed, sipped tea, cried--and sipped tea. Without planning it, we managed to hear every married woman's unique proposal story, whether on a Sunday afternoon walk, in her beau's grandmother's kitchen, over a picnic lunch, in an unfinished house, beneath three trees at the park, or in the yard outside of her house. Then I read The Princess and the Kiss a wonderful tale that encouraged all the young ladies hoping for a future proposal story to protect their kiss and their purity for one worthy man.

Good idea, Susanna!


  1. What a great idea and what a beautiful tea party! It looks like it must have been a lot of fun. I can't imagine all the work that went into preparing the food and dessert. The end result, though, looks like it was worth it.

  2. That looks so fun!
    What a wonderful idea.

  3. Ohh, what an absolutely LOVELY idea! :D Wish I could have come to this....good job decorating the tables. And of course the food looks so delicious, I'll bet your guests had tons of fun!

  4. Thank you girls! You have a whole year to take this idea and plan your own. =) I know that you will be blessed as I was to spend time in fellowship with Godly women and girls. Let me know if you do end up doing something!

  5. It looks like it was a delightful gathering. Well done, gals (and yay, Susanna!)
    I'm excited about next week's celebration here at "One Bright Corner." I hope you don't change too much, though, cause visiting here is like visiting a familiar and homey place.
    Thank you, Mikaela and Lauren, for your faithful, insightful, encouraging, fun, creative and delightful posts! I have been blessed! :)


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