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Shiny As A New Dime

Don't worry...don't start sweating uncontrollably...don't retype the address to try in vain to find that blog with the pink background! I'm speaking to myself here, to remedy the disorientation I'm feeling after logging onto the same blog with the same background for 365 days, but I'd love to hear what you all think of everything--after you get over your shock, of course. Notice the beautiful header, designed by Julia. Thank you, Julia! Also, check out the new pages and poll while you're looking around! After over five hours of blog makeover work, I'm way past feeling any inhibitions about bragging! (-;
Now, let the fun begin! For our anniversary week, we promised a giveaway, and here both of our giveaways are!

First, we are giving away to our much-loved readers a $10 Amazon gift certificate. I don't know about you, but I'm always coveting beautiful books from Amazon, music downloads, and pretty much everything else, considering they have pretty much everything! (-:

The second giveaway, and the one I'm the most excited about, is a four month, 8 issue subscription to World magazine, a Christian news magazine that I routinely devour immediately upon receiving! They proclaim: "In confusing, chaotic days like these, World magazine's uniquely hard-hitting, truth-telling, Christian worldview journalism stands in stark contrast to other news organizations." I can't wait for one of you to be introduced to this fabulous magazine (which I cannot imagine not receiving) or, if you already receive it, you may choose a friend to send it to.
So here are the nitty-gritty rules:
1. You must be a follower.
2. Once you are a follower (or if you are already a follower) you must comment on this post with an idea for something you would like to see us write about. This comment will enter you in both giveaways. Please comment only once for this entry!
3. You must live within in the US to win the World magazine subscription. If you already subscribe and win, you may pick a friend to receive the subscription.
4. For one extra entry, post about the giveaway on your blog, then comment here and leave a link to your post. This will give you one extra entry for each giveaway.
5. The contest will be closed midnight, PST, Thursday, February 25th, 2010, after which time we will draw two separate winners--one for each giveaway. We will announce the winners on Friday.
So there it is--our kick-off to a week of fun and a sign of our appreciation for you faithful frequenters!
Next up? Guest post, so stay tuned!

Edit: The giveaway has been extended until midnight, PST, Friday. We will announce the winners on Saturday.


  1. Wow! Love the new look girls!! The chandelier thing is so cool!

    Hmm, what would I like to see you blog about. Well, I'm always noticing your adorable outfits in your pictures--you should blog about modesty and style and how to combine the two! That is definately a desire and endeavor of mine, and I would love to hear your thoughts/opinions on it. :)

    Thanks you guys...I'm looking forward to the rest of this blog-birthday week! :D

    love, Kelsey :o)

  2. Hello! I haven't been following your blog for very long-maybe a few weeks- but I definitely enjoy hanging out here!

    Like I said I haven't been following very long, so I don't know if you ever do this, but I know I would enjoy a movie review of something your family has enjoyed, or a review of a good biography or non-fictional book. I also second Kelsey's request for a post on how to combine modesty and style!
    Have a great day!
    Shelbi M.

  3. Hey girls!

    Let's see...something to post about friendship? :)
    The purpose of friends, what kind to steer clear of, what kind to seek out, what to encourage in a relationship, and what to avoid, how to be sure the focus is on glorifying the Lord...the list goes on, maybe a book would be better! :p

    Hmm, that idea was longer than I thought, but I have another! What about a mini-bio on Elias Boudinot? The more I find out about him, the more I like him, and most people don't even know who he is!

    I like the new blog format! :)

  4. Hello Mikaela (and Lauren!)

    :D I'm so glad you like the new look! I'm thrilled to see the header goes well. :) The whole look is beautiful! :) Great job changing the post and sidebar title fonts. That puts it over the top! :)

    "the genius behind our header" over my button on your sidebar had me ROFLOL. :D That's funny! :D

    Love & Hugs!

  5. I have posted about the giveaway on my blog, also. My blog address is


  6. Hello Girls~

    The blog looks lovely. The changes are fabulous...I know how much work it takes!

    I would love to read about a day in your life...I also agree with the request for tips on modesty and style!

  7. I think the new look is lovely! :)

    Well, I *am* a follower already. :)

    Okay thing I would like you to write about is...your day-to-day life. Maybe some tips on natural beauty - hairstyling, dressing modestly but with fashion, etc. Also, maybe you could think a little more about ways to open up a discussion through a post. Post a worldview that you two have and see how many other people agree/believe in it too. It could open a lot of doors.
    Anyway, those are just my ideas! :)

    I blogged about your giveaway:

    I *do* live in the U.S. :) and am not subscribed to World magazine. I have heard much of it, though.

    Well, I am excited to see who wins!! :) I would be please with either giveaway. Oh, and quick question, is the giveaway for BOTH of these items or is there one separate winner for each?

    ~Miss Raquel

  8. I would love to be part of the givewaway ...I'd enjoy seeing your view on courtship/the way God prepares a couple for marriage. :)

  9. Hi Girls!

    I just became a follower...=)

    Well, what lvely giveaways! And here's my entry passpoty, I guess: ;)

    I would LOVE to see a post about modesty and purety, if you believe in those things. =) I always like to see what other young ladies think of that. =)

    In Him,

  10. Hi, I just found your site and it's so cute! I don't really know what you tend to write about, but it might be neat to post on tips for decorating your room, or modest clothing ideas.



  11. Love your blog:) Im a follower!! Love the background!! God bless and have a great day!!

  12. Thanks to all of you for the great ideas and suggestions!
    Raquel--we will have two seperate winners--one person will win the gift certificate and the other will win the subscription.

  13. Hello Girls :o)

    I just became a follower of your blog, so i guess I am elidgable to enter?? =)

    ..Hmm. Well, I always *love* reading about just daily life in a post, what you do everyday, what your home is like,etc. =) I love learning about other people! So, there's an idea.=)


  14. Hello y'all! Thank you for this wonderful give-away!
    I am now a follower, and my suggestion on something for you to write about is: the influence that Christian movies are having on the U.S. I know, big one, but you asked! ;D



  15. I posted about it! Here is the address:

    Thanks again!



  16. Love the look, and I'm glad I found your blog!
    I think it would be amazing if you wrote about your own personal standings/beliefs on dating/courtship, purity, modesty, and being a Princess of God. = D

  17. I am new to this blog, but it looks interesting! I think it would be nice if you wrote about what kind of music you like, and why. I posted about this giveaway here.

  18. Hey there!

    I would love to enter! I just became your follower :)

    I would love if you could do a post on modesty, or how to combine outfits to seem more stylish.. things like that.

    I do not live in the US. I am an MK in Chile, so that is where I live right now :)

    You can go ahead and enter me in both, though, and if I win the magazine thing I can give it to somebody else :D

    Thanks for doing these!



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