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A Visit From The Gipper

I vote for, support, or disagree with politicians, bills, and ideoligies based on my convictions under God--not because of an "all-powerful" party line. This I keep reminding a Democrat friend of mine who is disposed to unearth all sorts of nasty Republican trivia. What can I do but shrug my shoulders and agree with him that Republicans are not all they should be? Of course, I quickly endeavor to point out the pros and cons of his cherished party.
Lately, however, I have become discouraged. After eight short months of constantly being on the alert against some new drama unfolding on Capitol Hill, I feel apathetic. I find myself wondering if anything I do will change the entrenched liberal ideals in Washington state or the newly invincible majority in Washington city.
Of course, most of you are aware of the healthcare bill in Congress right now. Such a monumental octupus as this, with tentacles and arms slithering into every crack and cranny in every department in the government, is not only action-inspiring, but also downright scary. Will you take a few minutes to watch this clip? Before he was anything but an actor, Ronald Reagan spoke out against a different socialized healthcare bill, showing that such battles are as timeless as they are dangerous. It seems as though he took to the stage in front of flashing lightbulbs and anxious reporters just a few days ago, so timely is his message.

Now go visit here and contact your senators and representatives. Call and email, but don't forget to write--it makes a big impression in our electronic world. Oh, and guess what? My indifference has vanished. Funny how that works.

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  1. Mikaela, thanks for sharing this video - it is amazing how timely his words are today. Before I read your post I had been reading some other information about the proposed healthcare reform and watching videos of President Obama's speech tonight. I, too, was wondering what difference I/we could make. But, I guess that really isn't for us to decide, is it?
    Thanks again for the good reminder to stand up and speak out for what is right. :)


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