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Let's Go Shopping!

Note: This Tuesday we take a brief break from "The Art of Family" series. Check back on Friday for another installment!

Grab $10 off your bureau and join me in a journey back in time. First, we are transported to 1902...what would you buy?

I have a strong suspicion that the above illustrations are pictures of girls' heads
attached to penciled drawings.

The price page is missing on the windmills, so if that's what you want to get...we'll just say it's $5 even. ;-)

Arsenic for your complexion, anyone?

Note the incredibly comfortable-looking football pants! C'mon, guys, wouldn't you want to play in those? Also, I am quite personally attached to the "Velvet Puff Trunks" (right column):
"Beautiful velvet puff trunks, made of the finest velvet, full puff...for theatrical or athletic exhibitions. Price, per pair, 80c."

Try getting a violin outfit for $5.50 these days or a cello for $9.25!

What charming charms! The ladies might have to appropriate some of these.
Now we travel forward in time to the grand modern age of 1922...

Note especially the middle, left column item:
"Start your Ford from the seat with a Sandbo Starter."
And here I always thought the poor people had to get out and crank!

Such charming, handsome young men!

Yes. Those are wigs. Two whole pages of them.

I think that I'll get a hat ($2.35), violin outfit ($5.50), Lantern charm--the last one on the first row--(50c), Bisque Doll (98c), and Boston Baked Beans (43c). There! all that for $9.76! Pretty good shopping, don't you think? What would you get for $10? Click on the pictures to enlarge them and make your selection, and then leave a comment and let me know!

The 1902 pictures came from The 1902 Edition of the Sears, Roebuck Catalog, and the 1922 items are located in the Montgomery Ward Catalogue: 1922.


  1. Wow! I noticed that you had a picture of me in different outfits right above the wig advertisement. I thought my agent hadn't spread those around yet. But come on, with such good looks, what do I need to go shopping for? That doesn't mean I won't take $10...

  2. I think I'd get the "Silk Crepe de Chine" blouse ($3.98), and, of course, the violin set! Total? $9.48 :D
    Fun post! Where did you get the pictures?

    (O, and btw, what did gentlemen need charms for?!) :p

  3. Ben, Ben, Ben..what am I to do with you? Next thing I know, you'll be demanding royalties! Any suggestions, Sarah? ;-)
    Believe it or not, I was just bebopping my way through the library when my skip was arrested by the sight of two glorious bound reprinted catalogs. Thus, the pictures. Have I mentioned that I love my library?!


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