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Susanna is 12!

Whether you call her Susanna, Anna Banana (a good one if you want to rile her up!), Anna Belle, or the ever popular Anna, she is a blessing to our family! She also has the honor of having the first birthday of the year (April 30th) which means that birthday season has officially begun for our family. Who cares about hunting season--it's all cake (or most likely pie), ice cream, and presents until August for us! Here are some pictures from yesterday's celebration.

Jonah worked hard on his sign for his big sis. It fell down a couple of times,
but he never gave up!

Susanna and our dear friend Sandi King.
We stayed at the King's house when Susanna was born.

Sandi's husband, Ron. They were Anna's special guests!

I quote Ron: "He's gonna be your actor!" Sigh. (-;

Susanna requested that everyone come in costume, although some of
the adults came dressed up as moms, dads, and grandmas. (-; Some of our costumes are subtle, so I'll help you out: Mikaela's a 50s girl and Susanna and I dressed up as Hawaiian girls.

Melanie was--what else--a pig. Oink! Sadly, she was ostracized by a
family in terror of contracting Swine Flu. However, we are happy to report that none of her 200+ pigs have come down with it yet. We still don't go near them though.

Mom told Anna to plant a wet one on Micah after his sweet gift
(which involved a treasure hunt for Susanna).

She got all twelve candles!

This was the year for treasure hunts, because Mama
made one for Susanna for her big gift.

Where's the next clue!

Suprise! Now Susanna doesn't have to use the bike that
Mikaela, I, and Melanie have all used!
Happy Birthday, Susanna! We love you so much! You complete our girl's quartet, add a spark of joy to our family, and enjoy being our girly-girl. We thank God for you!


  1. What a fun post and great pics!! Please pass on my (belated) birthday greetings to Susanna! : )

  2. Thanks for your comment, Ruthie--I'll give your message to Anna! She'll be happy to hear from you. Maybe we'll see you this weekend!


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