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Mama and Papa

Graduation Day 2008: Papa, Lauren, Mikaela, and Mama

My mom laughingly tells the story of the days succeeding the birth of Lauren and I. New town, new job (for Papa), no mother to help, few friends, and no days off for Papa...all adding up to a memorable and harried few months caring for two demanding infants. Of course she laughs now, but you can be sure there were many tears at the time!

The anecdote is a wonderful representation of who Mama is even now--resilient in the face of change, steadfast in difficulty, and sweetly giving of herself in service and generosity. She's gorgeous, the most amazing cook and hostess you will ever come across, a coffee connoisseur, a wonderful listener, and an amazing friend.

And last night, when something Lauren and I were in charge of was inadvertently broken, Papa took a look at it and decided he could fix it up to the owner's satisfaction. He toted it home without a sigh. And that's Papa--hardworking and wise, available, patient, and the solver of many, many, many problems. (And did I mention he's outrageously genius, gives a mean haircut, is a scholar of God's Word, is well-spoken, and happens to be the best parallel parker around?)

Blessed am I. So very blessed with two such wonderful parents. Parents who trained me with a love for the Lord Jesus Christ and who live out that love each and every day. Parents who are not perfect, but who have humbly set the example of contrition. Parents who have loved what I love and made me successful in it, but loved God and each other more. Both have made countless and innumerable sacrifices for me and my siblings. Mama chose to stay home and homeschool me that she might disciple me in the ways of the Lord and educated me to equip me for such a time as this. Papa has sacrificed job opportunities and his own interests that he might be able to invest in my siblings and I.

So now, between Mother's Day and Father's Day, I just want to take a moment to say thank you to the two people I most want to be like when I grow up. You're my two most favorite people in the whole world.

In what ways are you thankful for your parents?


  1. I couldn't fit how thankful and indebted to my parents I am in one comment. :) First they have a secure foundation in Jesus Christ and have passed that on to me and my other eight brothers and sister. My Father goes out to work every day snow rain or shine. He has loved and helped me through hardships. My Mom cooks, cleans, scrubs, and does laundry... I could go on forever on how much she does just around the house. She has taught me to be a young Christian woman who fears and loves the Lord. I have been realizing how much my parent do for me, while they have been on vacation this past week and a half. I couldn't sum up what a blessing and privilege it is for me to have them to serve, honor and love.

    Quote from Luther’s Large Catechism on the Forth Commandment.

    …since He has given us living parents, should we rejoice to show them honor and obedience, because we know it is so highly pleasing to the Divine Majesty and to all angels, and vexes all devils, and is, besides, the highest work which we can do, after the sublime divine worship comprehended in the previous commandments, so that giving of alms and every other good work toward our neighbor are not equal to this. For God has assigned this estate the highest place, yea, has set it up in His own stead, upon earth. This will and pleasure of God ought to be a sufficient reason and incentive to us to do what we can with good will and pleasure…

  2. Precious thoughts, Havilah! I am striving to keep exactly the focus for which Luther admonishes focus every day of the year--not just on Mother's Day and Father's Day. And, honestly, it's certainly not difficult with the parents God has blessed me with (though there are certainly breakdowns which come in any relationship).

    I enjoyed "getting to know" your parents a bit, and really appreciate the exceprt from Luther's catechism!


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