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Wedding Bells

The day at long last arrived--September 7, 2013, the wedding of my dear and lifelong friend and cousin to her high-school sweetheart.

6AM prep always makes for fun pictures!

Lauren and I had a blast doing the hair of four bridesmaids and one cute flower girl.

The cute flower girl (and cousin) with all the streamers we transported to the wedding.
Micah escorted Grandma down the aisle.

Cousin Ryan looks fabulous!

Cousins Reed and Camryn made the perfect ring bearer and flower girl!

I started crying as soon as I saw this sight.
Aunt Hiedie shared words of advice for the couple--practice kindness!

It was so precious to be a witness to Zach and Rebecca's union.

Micah and Mikaela

Susanna and Camryn

And they lived happily ever after...


  1. Beautiful photos of a beautiful wedding:) thanks for sharing!
    It's hard to believe that your family and our family will be going through this very soon.


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