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The Wrestling Match

I searched for You until the darkness came.
I wrestled with You till my limbs gave up.
I threshed the wheat till the storm descended.
The drought of summer drained me of my life.
I desperately called to You, Oh God.
And I acknowledged my sin before You.
My sin, though deep and wide, is forgiven.
The consuming flood is a welcome rain
Of Your righteousness on my fallow ground.
The darkness calls me to follow Your eye,
The exhaustion throws me to my Savior.
The wind is assurance of Your presence.
The pain, though great, brings rewards much greater.
Respite tempts, but the struggle is better.
Sin nigh prevails, but my God is stronger!
You brought light to my search in the dark night;
You renewed the strength in my fainting limbs;
Oh the joy—You exchanged my chaff for grain!
Blackness, weakness, and storminess remain,
But who is like my God? I trust now, for
In man’s confusion is God’s providence.
Photo Credit: Navaneeth Ashok


  1. How beautiful Mikaela! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Beautiful, beautiful, Mikaela! Thank you!

  3. WOW! Did you write that? It's really good. :) I especially like the part at the end.

    1. Thanks, Victoria! Yes, I did write it, but it's really just a culmination of what God's been teaching me from His Word. The very last line is actually from an old Latin proverb. Thanks for your sweet comment!


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