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Joel's Graduation

On Friday, Papa and I travelled to Ooook-lahoma (where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain, and the wavin' wheat can sure smell sweet when the wind comes right behind the rain). And yes, I sang the song as I exited the airport!

The occasion was Joel's graduation from law school! I was coming in on the end of a seven year journey that brought knowledge, opportunities, and special relationships to Joel. To gain those things, however, took hard work, discipline, and character. To be able to gather together with Joel's parents, grandmother, and several close friends and honor this achievement was beautiful. And to reunite with Joel after nearly two months of separation was joy indescribable.

There was a beautiful banquet on Friday night. Here, they are honoring the students graduating magna cum laude. I had no idea Joel was graduating magna cum laude, but I was so proud when they called his name to honor him!

There were two ceremonies on Saturday. This was the "hooding" ceremony.

Joel led us in two hymns.

The ceremony ended with a time of prayer for the graduates, which was extraordinarily precious as the professors, classmates, families, and board gathered around and offered up petitions to God for each man and woman as they continue on in the path God has set before them. What better way to close one chapter of life and open another? 
This weekend would never have been possible without Joel's parents and their support, vision, and provision for Joel during all these years of school. They put flesh on his dream and encouraged Joel every step of the way.

Dear friends of Joel's who live in OK and came to all the festivities.

Joel and Grammy

On Sunday, we visited Joel's friends and their lovely ranch. It was delightful to get to know them better. Joel and I didn't have much opportunity to "sit alone and talk and watch a hawk makin' lazy circles in the sky," but we sure did relish our weekend together.

I've come to dread the good-byes and long even more for the hellos. But it is the temporary season we are in, and as Joel has been faithful to remind me--perhaps it is an opportunity for us to understand and appreciate even more the time of watchful anticipation and eager preparation that the Church should be in as she awaits the arrival of the Bridegroom.


  1. Congratulations to Joel on his graduation!!! What a major milestone. I'm glad that you were able to be there for that, Mikaela. What a blessing that must have been.


    1. A huge blessing! I'm so grateful to my parents for making it possible. ;-)

  2. What wonderful closure - your final line has me awaiting your wedding and life together as a couple and our eternity in Heaven. Love you so, Aunt Hiedie

    1. Thank you Aunt Hiedie! We get to spend eternity in heaven praising God...together! =)

      Your flowers are still blooming brightly, and the candy is nearly gone. Everyone felt very happy that they had a birthday when they saw the beautiful bounty from you guys!

  3. I so enjoyed your time at are place! I loved getting to know you a small bit! Wish I could have had more time!
    As we talked about that day, I understand how you feel about the goodbyes! I go see Andrew this weekend and I am allready dreading the goodbye.
    I have never looked at it as Joel put it thou! Thank you for sharing that!
    You have blessed my heart so much girl!
    I pray for you and Joel and pray that God will continue His perfect will in you!

    Joanna Noel


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