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Summer Tarantella

 You've heard of the Tarantella? The dance turns faster and more chaotic as the music progresses, ending in a final magnificent fury designed to cure anyone who has been bitten by the tarantula. Of course, this dance was always successful, since no tarantula has ever proven deadly to humans. This weekend was, I believe, the final conclusion of our frenzied summer, and I am now operating under the delusion that summer's tarantella will become autumn's jig, which will melt into a peaceful winter waltz. (Please allow me this moment of insanity!)

Friday we had the pleasure of hosting a baby shower at our house. We are so excited at the prospect of welcoming a new little one into our church at the end of September! That's Mallory, Lauren, Mikaela, and Elsie in the uppermost picture, enjoying the chat time we got at the shower.

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We made this peanut butter chocolate tart, which was a hit! You can check out the recipe here.

It's always so hard to come up with fresh, new baby shower games--after all, some ladies have been going to baby showers for fifty years! Mama did a fantastic job, though, and you can see these ladies above busily engaged in matching classic toys with the year they were made. Get the printable here.

baby shower game toy timeline

Ooohhh! Aaaahh! Is he really going to be that tiny?

Everyone is always so sweet to help out--we didn't run this show by ourselves! One friend brought this scrumptious pear pastry, and another family brought a fabulous coconut macadamia nut cheesecake (oh yes, it was as delicious as it sounds).

Mama crocheted this blanket for the new little one.

Saturday, with blue things still dangling from our walls, we crammed our van and trailer full of supplies, and headed out to help host one of Christian Heritage's Regional Homeschool Kickoff Picnics. Above, you can see everyone intently engaged in the group games we had prepared.  

We played Jig of Slurs or Jar of Slugs--both names are correct, and the usage tends to be split along the lines of gender. That's Mikaela, Lauren, Jonah, Susanna, and Micah playing--Melanie couldn't figure out a way to move our Yamaha upright to the park!

Precious boys.

We enjoyed a short but inspirational message encouraging everyone in their home discipleship.

Over 150 people turned out, and God gave us wonderful weather (in spite of the ominous, rumbling thunder). There were so many families I had never met, and I loved getting to fellowship with everyone. A highlight was when Heather and Hannah came up and introduced themselves as longtime blog readers--thanks girls!

Glowing expectant mother and her always-adorable daughter!

We got everything packed and cleaned up by 8:30, thanks to many helpful hands, and from there we headed to a nearby fort to experience a candlelight reenactment.

Our friends have participated for several years, but we have never made it down to see them in action. "Mr. Thomas Lloyd's" British accent was quite convincing, as was his tale of an American ship run aground, and more. We couldn't resist taking advantage of the fact that he couldn't come out of character, however, and teasing him just a bit.

And here you see an apprentice eagerly searching for a vein on Jonah's wrist so that he can bleed him of any bad humor that might be residing in his body.

The tour began in an air museum, so we took a group picture of us and the other family's kids who were not reenacting. Back Row: Sarah, Lauren, Mikaela, Melanie, Micah, Susanna. Front Row: Zachary, Jonah, Madeline, and Megan.

Now, after late nights, early mornings, and busy-ful days in between, we seem to have contracted some sort of flu. The memories we made, however, are beautiful, the friendships we began are sure to stay, and the old friends we caught up with are still warming our hearts. It was worth it.


All pictures taken by Mama and Melanie


  1. Wow, you all were so busy! I hope you get better from the flu quickly! :)

  2. I'm so glad we got to see you--you were beautiful in your costume! Thankfully, the sickness does not seem to have hit everyone, so I'm hopeful that it has run its course and we can resume regular duties. ;-)

  3. Oh, I love Tarantella and greatly admire anyone who can play it! Thanks for the glimpse into the "flurrious" end of your summer. ; )

  4. the trip sounds fun! Praying for you!

  5. Ruthie--yes, aren't they fun pieces of music? I guess it's a good example of the fun even in busy-ness.

    Emmy--Thanks so much!


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