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Top Five Reasons to Go to Christian Heritage's 2013 Family Discipleship and Homeschooling Conference

The 2012 Christian Heritage Family Discipleship and Homeschooling Conference is finished, but the change it has begun to inspire in families all across the state will only become manifest in the months and years to come. What a motivation to see 3,380 people eager to follow God whatever the cost all in one place at one time:

You have a year, now, to begin planning and saving for the next conference. Pull out your loose change jar, and mark April 25-27, 2013 in ink on your calendar, because this is one event you will not want to miss. And, in no particular order, here are the top five reasons why this conference should be a priority in your family's year:

1. The Preaching

Make no mistake--this conference is not a collection of motivational speakers or curriculum developers. Men of God, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, preach the Word of God, and cause us to consider every aspect of life from a Biblical worldview. I hosted Dr. and Mrs. Johnson (above--that's my so-tired-it-hurts-to-keep-my-eyes-open look), who came to speak from Dr. Johnson's wealth of information on health and nutrition. 

Susanna, Lauren, Dr. Baucham, Melanie, and Mikaela
Dr. Voddie Baucham was the keynote speaker. He is fond of saying "If you can't say 'amen,' you'd better say 'ouch,'" and there were both "amen" and "ouch" moments. He drove home the points that there is no such thing as religious-neutral education, and that we should not homeschool for the wrong "why" but because we are convinced by Scripture, understand the role of parents, and desire to bless the kingdom of man. He preached on "Teaching Your Children with Your Grandchildren in Mind," "Home Education's Strain on Marriage," and more. I love this man--he is so down-to-earth, honest, and friendly, but he is also courageous and unmovable on Truth. He has a deep understanding of theology and doctrine, which he unfailingly pursues and applies to his daily life. Therefore, each one of his sermons is a call to action that he himself has applied and lives out.

Papa emceed the conference in the main sanctuary. Throughout the weekend, everyone attends the general sessions, and then has the opportunity to choose from a multitude of workshops on varied and sundry topics for every age and aspiration. The vendor hall, full of good books and information, is also a popular place during free time.

2. The Music

Congregational singing...

Chorale practice and performance under Mr. Craig...

Florence, a friend, in performance mode!

Truly, the music of the conference is always a highlight and a blessing. Singing praise to God 3,000-strong is a privilege not often experienced. And perfecting four songs in two days with 220 other young people is a recipe for concentrated effort and hilarious silliness (this year's antics involved a clown nose and a blond curly wig).

3. The People

Wherever Micah (left) was, there was Isaac (right). Where Isaac was, there was Micah!

Mama in the lower right corner helping people register as they crowd in for the first session of the morning.

Babies are in abundance, but this little friend is particularly adorable.

Melanie and Stephen worked together in the vendor hall.

More cute kids!

Mikaela, Ruth, Lauren, and Susanna--as busy as we are, we still find time for fellowship and catching up. We also got to meet blog readers--it was lovely to talk face-to-face with Bethany, Eden, Shiloh, and Shanelle!

Susanna, welcoming people as they enter.

Lauren helped run the Christian Heritage booth. Every year there are so many dear old friends to catch up with and so many new people to meet and get to know. Heart-to-heart conversations occurred often, and you can be sure that everyone came home with new friends.

4. Family Night

A dramatic recitation of events on the Titanic, an excerpt of the documentary Captivated, and lots of excellent music: family night is a highlight of the weekend! 

 5. The Vision

Mama and Mrs. Bradrick

Out of the Bradrick family's vision for family discipleship and homeschooling many years ago has come a quality conference which will not just tell you how to homeschool, but why you should disciple your children at home. The vision for keeping God preeminent and choosing homeschooling in submission to Him is effectively conveyed each and every year. This is a battery recharge, a reminder, a call to reform, a means of sanctification, and an opportunity for education.

 "These words which I am commanding you
today shall be on your heart and … you shall
teach them diligently to your sons (Deuteronomy 6:5,6)."

For more information on Christian Heritage, visit their website at



  1. Looks amazing! My husband and I attended our first homeschooling convention in Cincinnati just over a week ago and it was an incredible experience for us both. We're relatively new to homeschooling and we came away from there encouraged, charged, and even more committed to continuing the task of home education and raising our children in the fear and admonition of the Lord. I pray your CH Conference will continue to be blessed in all its efforts! I have no doubt it's making an incredible difference in the families of Washington!

  2. The conference was truly a blessing!!! I was a wonderful weekend of encouragement that I didn't want to end! :) I really enjoyed getting to meet you both and thought that your session was very uplifting and inspiring. Thank you!

    The music and choral was a great this year too. So many young people... wow! The humor that it involved was so funny too! :D

    I hope to meet up with you all again!

    ~Bethany Strang

  3. Oh, sooo much fun!! I know the part of my family that got to go had such a wonderful, uplifting time! We're hoping to have all of us make it next year! :-)

  4. It was nice to meet you and your sister, Mikaela!! I hope we get to attend next year.


  5. hehe - we promptly started a saving-pennies jar when the Coder representatives got home. :D

  6. Mrs. Holt--How very exciting! I'm so glad you were able to find a conference in your area and that it blessed and convicted you. Thank you for your prayers--they are an inspiring reminder to me to be in prayer for homeschoolers around the country and the world, many of whom do not enjoy the freedoms we do.

    Bethany--thank you for your encouragement on the session we did; it means a lot! And, although I was never able to tell you, your performance of "Theme from Schindler's List" was inspired--well done!

  7. Emily and Sarah--oh, I hope all of you get to come next year!

    Shiloh--yes indeed--I was so glad to get to meet you!

  8. It was really nice meeting you girls! :)

  9. Eden, I really enjoyed getting to meet you as well! It's so fun to graduate from blog relationships to real-live ones. ;-)

  10. It was very lovely to chat with you ladies a bit as well! Even if I did get Lauren's name wrong at the end, thanks to Dani. ;) hehe ..I still feel bad! :P but YES! encourage everyone to come, I agree! <3

  11. Lucia--hey, if it bothered us, we would live a very bothered life. You have a 50-50 chance--just take a shot, and we'll correct your if you're wrong. ;-) I hope to see you there next year, but I also hope to see you before next year. ;-)


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