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Fairy Tales

A Guest Post By Susanna


I yearn to be in lands of magical lights.
I belong where there are fairies and knights;

Where there is not only one moon that gleams so bright,
But two or three to chase away all fright.

I dream of centaurs, who study skies untold;
Trees that whisper enchanting songs of old;

Of castles and battles,
Pirates and princes;
Of hay spun to gold,
Dragon tales ages-old.

I wish to see the magic pumpkin carriage,
Or the Beast's love, ending in his marriage.

I want to be captured by a unicorn.
And rest my hand upon his brilliant horn:

We will fly. Up to the golden sun,
Down to the sea. Oh now, we have just begun!

Dreams belong to naiads,
And mine with dryads,
To the bearded dwarves,
And lop-eared Minotaurs.

Though I fear only one door to Never Land
Is found, in pages fastened by a band.

Mind you open them often, for only here
May we slip through its ink ... and disappear.

Susanna is a fifteen-year-old homeschooler and the fourth daughter in a family of six children. She loves God, animals, and gourmet cooking and plays violin and piano. Oh yes--and she just happens to be our beloved younger sister who always has a special gift for us, whether that be her entertaining tales, her beautiful music, or her behind-the-scenes service. She recently took first place in a poetry contest for this original work of art, and we could not be more proud of her achievement!

Photo Credits:
#1: ToNToN CoPT
#2: Raquel of God's Daughter


  1. I. Love. It. Anna. !!!!!!!!!! :)

  2. This makes me want to go to the library and find all the fairytales there and :) Wonderful poem, Susanna!!!


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