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Celebrating Because He Lives

Our celebration began two weeks ago with an Easter Concert, then continued one week ago with a family get-together, and culminated this weekend.

The Saturday before Palm Sunday, Aunt Hiedie and Uncle Joe hosted everyone at their house for brunch. How cute are these make-your-own yogurt parfaits? (They were delish, too!)

 Micah had some fun bonding time with cousin Reed. Mr. Reed was main attraction of the day, but he had a decided preference for the guys. (I am happy to report that he still tolerates kisses, however, so that saved the day.)
An undercover agent engaged in the critical task of hiding eggs, I take my job seriously and coordinate my camoflauge according to the season (browns and olive greens just will not hide a body when everything is blooming soft green and bright pink).

Cousin Rebecca (back) and Lauren (front) are equally dedicated to their mission of hiding every egg in a cleverly concealed creative cache.

Jonah grins with a bag full of eggs. He is just too smart for us hiders!


Micah and Jonah are the chicken farmers of the family, and they recently incubated and hatched 15 chicks to add to their flock. Springtime has definitely arrived!

On Good Friday, we decorated our eggs in all manner of crazy colors and designs. And, yes--my fingers were almost as colorful as the eggs when we finished.

In the afternoon, we attended our community Good Friday service with our "adopted" grandparents. How good it was to reflect on the sacredness of the day, the precious and gruesome sacrifice of Christ, and the melancholy that comes with realizing that it was our sin that put Him on the cross.

 Sunday was a day of rejoicing--He is risen indeed! An early church breakfast, fellowship, and an excellent sermon on the salvation God offers through Christ's atoning sacrifice were all a wonderful part of our day. Friends joined us at home for a midday feast!

Micah and Susanna

Loved ones

Lauren and I, putting the finishing touches on our parmesan-crusted asparagus.


The exclamation point on the end of the day was Boccone Dolce, a dessert that has remained a family favorite for many years. Ours was a magnificent Easter, revelling in good music, good food, and good company; relishing Mama's recent good health; and rejoicing in the hope we have because the tomb is empty and Christ is alive.

Vain the stone, the watch, the seal, Alleluia!

Christ hath burst the gates of hell, Alleluia!

Lo! the Sun's eclipse is o’er, Alleluia!

Lo! He sets in blood no more, Alleluia!

from "Christ the Lord is Risen Today!" by Charles Wesley


{There are ten verses to this beloved hymn, only four of which are normally given hymnal space, but nine of which I chose for our church's worship service. They are all beautiful and full of doctrine, so I hope you will check them out and sing them throughout the year.}


  1. What a lovely extended Easter celebration you all enjoyed. :) I loved the photos - it's always great to see your family and other "loved ones." :)

  2. Those eggs are so brilliant, is there a trick to such vivid colors? "...coordinate my camoflauge accordingly..."
    It's that attention to voice, w/such whimsical alliteration and like devices, that makes reading your blog such a pleasure. Happy spring! Aunt Hiedie

  3. Ruthie--it was blessed indeed, and wonderful to spend time with family and friends!

    Aunt Hiedie--welcome back! This year, we used food coloring instead of the dye kits, and it worked really well! We also had a "candy apple" egg painting kit, that was supposed to give the eggs a shiny and colorful finish. That was fun to use for painting on details and such. Wow! thanks for the writing compliment! That was very sweet of you. ;-)


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