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Roses Are Red

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Every Valentine's Day for the past 10 or more years, a beautiful bouquet of red roses has been handed to me by my Valentine--my Papa.  When I was younger, I used to proudly declare to friends, "My boyfriend gave me these roses!" and then hasten to explain away their confusion.  I thought I was so cute! 

It's not quite time for the Valentine roses yet, but I have already exchanged Valentines with this man who has my heart.  It all started when, several weeks ago, Tiffany announced she was doing a giveaway of three essential oils.  All you had to do was write a Valentine's poem that began with "Roses are red" and then passionately beg, borrow, or steal the most votes for your poem.  This was an interesting idea, but I wasn't really inspired at first.  After all, I'm a single girl, not in a relationship, so what could I write about Valentine's Day?

And then it hit me. 

Roses are red,
The sky is blue.
Daddy,will you be my Valentine?
I'm keeping my heart with you.

I sent it in and e-mailed the link off to Papa so he could vote.  When he arrived home that evening, he smiled, hugged me, and said that since I wrote a poem, he had to write one back to me. With anticipation, I hurried up to my computer.  I vaguely remembered Mama saying that Papa had written her beautiful love poems before they were married, but I was not prepared for what I found embedded in his vote:

Roses are red, an elegant hue,
Graceful, exquisite, just like you!

Beauty and radiance, reflecting the Son,
Growing in Christ, ‘til the day is done.

I cherish the rose, I water and feed,
I turn up the soil, meet every need.

Prune the dry limbs, repair the fence,
Enjoy the beauty and the pleasance.

The Master Gardner will bring a new vine,
For you are His own, you’re really not mine.

Engraft your heart, the new vine will nourish,
Your delicate bloom will continue to flourish.

But until then, I’ll cherish your heart,
Guarding it always, we’ll never part.

Yes, I cried.  I just went to a funeral where a daughter had to sing to her Daddy in Heaven, so I cried.  I've seen too many daughters whose Daddies don't cherish them, water them, feed them, or prune them, so I cried because I am so blessed with such a godly father.  I realized that this stage in life in my father's house won't last forever, so I cried. My Valentine's Day came early this year, and that's just fine with me! 

If you are interested in voting for this father-daughter duo (which is currently not in the lead), then head over here and cast your vote for #1.  The votes must be in before Friday is over!


  1. Awwww! Your daddy is so sweet! :) {And a really good poet!} I'm heading right over to vote. :)

  2. What a wonderful Papa you have! My Daddy's funeral was on my tenth birthday, so I love seeing fathers and daughters cherish each other. I'm glad you understand what a treasure your Papa is. Give him an extra hug for me.

  3. That is so sweet! Loved your Daddy's poem!

  4. This is so sweet. Both poems. Too bad I saw it too late to vote...

  5. You have a beautiful blog! So glad I stumbled upon it. I'll be certain to vote for you after I finish writing this comment.

    It really is sweet that you and your father have such a close relationship. My father, a Pittsburgh steel worker for many decades, would have never written a poem like that. BUT, he did give up all of his dreams in life in order to work long, laborious hours for his family. That is how he showed his love.

    Honestly, I think he would've been a little confused if I asked him to be my Valentine. His answer would've gone something like: "I am your mother's valentine. Quit being silly, move so I can see the TV and get your old man a cup of coffee."

    Your post just made me realize how much I love my dad. Not because he wrote me poetry or bought me flowers, but because of who he was. I wish he were still here so I could tell him that.

  6. I did vote for your poem, Lauren, and "voted" for your Papa's, too in my comment! How blessed we are indeed to have such loving, caring fathers, who have taken their roles seriously and faithfully nurtured and cared for those entrusted to their care. I know I am very grateful for my Daddy!

  7. Daddy's are very special. I wish many more girls new the importance of having a daddy. And the importance of having a godly father. Thank the Lord that He designed fathers to take care of their daughters till their husband comes along. I am also thankful to have found your blog. (And I am thankful that you both focus on being a godly feminine woman and not being a woman who directs her life in being a sucsesful career woman.) Thanks and may the Lord bless your blog!!


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