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If Everybody Did

What if everybody was late?

What if everybody wore sweats?

What if everybody frowned in the grocery store?

What if everybody let their dogs bark?

What if everybody forgot to vote?

What if everybody yelled at customer service representatives?

What if everybody watched TV?

What if everybody sided with the majority?

What if everybody was a musician?

What if everybody grew gardens?

What if everybody opened doors for each other?

What if everybody had a Bible in their language?

What if everybody drove two miles under the speed limit?

What if everybody was fearless?

What if everybody read books?

What if everybody wore pink?

What if everybody was like me?

Would the world be better or worse?

Inspired by the classic children's tale If Everybody Did

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Used by permission


  1. that is a common saying around our house! :) good things to think about though...

  2. Something I'm always having to remind myself of, Charis, that's for sure!

  3. The world wouldn't be quite as exciting if everyone was like me. God has made everyone so unique.

  4. Very good point, Havilah. I was thinking along the lines of character and conscience, but I certainly wouldn't want everyone to have the same personality!

  5. Heheh, my first thought about everyone wearing pink was "The world would be a happier place!" And then I realized: it would be less colorful...
    Interesting thoughts! :)

  6. True that. But since we are enlightened and know that pink goes with anything ("the new black"), then perhaps people could still wear their favored hues along with the pink? ;-)

  7. Thats sweet and made me smile, Thanks Mika

  8. Thanks Mr. W! I'm so glad it did. ;-)


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