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The Lie's

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I decided to post a highly cheesy and embarassing story that I wrote when I was circa six or seven years old.  All mistakes are original to my scrawlings in my big red notebook, and I share this with you to get a very important moral across: keep your room clean, and never lie.  But this highly moralistic tale needs no more moralizing, except for my profuse apologies for my grammar and punctuation errors.  Feel free to laugh as well as cringe! 

Based on, Thou shalt not lie Exodus 20

“Jonny, Cara!”
“Yes ma’m?”
“I would like you to clean your room.” The Bobson’s had just moved.
“Is anyone coming?” 10 year old Cara asked.
“Just obey,” was the answer, but a twinkle came to mother’s eye.
Now, it wasn’t unusual for visitor’s to come, because they just had moved!

“Cara,” 8 year old Jonny pulled his sister into there room.
“Let’s make it quick, stuff things under the bed, did you see mother’s eyes twinkle?”
“Alright,” Cara quickly agreed. Soon, they were done.
“Done already?” Mother’s eyebrows raised.
“Yes ma’m,” Cara and Jonny looked straight into her eyes.
“Well, the Crasses are going to come over!”
“Yea!” Cara and Jonny danced around the room, but the weight of there lie weighed them down.

Jason was 8 years old to. Matilda was 9. Ding-dong-ding-dong.
“Hi!” There was a abundance of hug’s. Soon Jonny and Cara were proudly showing off there “clean” room. Suddenly Jason’s ball’s dropped. One under Cara’s bed. One under Jonny’s. They each looked at each other questioningly!

“I-I’ll get it!” Both children’s tounges stumbled. Cluk-clang-clash. Cara came out from under the bed with bleeding scratches on her face. With no ball. One of Jonny’s eyes were closed. And bruises were on his arm. And he had no ball. And they got PUNISHED! They had to go to a birthday party that way!

“My balls!” shrieked Jason. The children mother’s shoulder’s slumped.
“Let’s all look for the balls,” there mother gave Jonny and Cara a You should of thought about this look. Everyone gasped as under the bed was revealed. Miserable, Cara and Jonny helped.
“I’m disapointed in you—both,” she added as Cara whispered “You told me to.”

“I’m going to-first of all you are going to clean your room. I’m also going to give you spanking’s,” she looked directly at 10 year old Cara, pointing to the wooden spoon in her hand. “You had embarassment earlier today—so did I!”…

From that day on this story never repeated itself in the children’s lives.

The End.


  1. haha I got a chuckle out of this. My mom used a wooden spoon too when we were little too. Scary when she grabbed that better do what she said. No if's ands or buts....

  2. Very cute story! You definitely showed an aptitude for writing even at that age. The funny thing is, is that I often got into trouble for my "messy" room and for lying when I was a girl. In fact, my mom bought me the book, "Berestain Bears and the Messy Room." After some good doses of discipline and instruction those ways were driven from me. Though, I still struggle with keeping a tidy room. :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. Brandon--I'm glad! I chuckle every time I read over my early "masterpieces"! (-; That wooden spoon does pay off, in the end, I can say!
    Ruthie--Thanks, Ruthie! I love that your mom bought you the Berenstein Bears--how great! I still struggle with messy rooms, too, which I am trying to remedy!

  4. Lauren, thanks for sharing!
    That's really cute... I love that you were already writing moral stories at that age! You've always been sharing godly advice, haven't you?
    Thanks for brightening my day. (A day in which quite a few hours were devoted to cleaning my room and other parts of the house. You gotta love Saturdays.)


  5. Gotta love it. :) I just stumbled upon some little 3-paragraph "essays" I wrote when I was six. "Do you know why I like to go to the theatre? I will tell you the answer."

    Found your blog from Empowered Traditionalist - now I've followed you!


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