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Resurrection Sunday in Color

This picture of our family on Resurrection Sunday at church actually began much earlier. However, it seems that all the rest of my pictures were dyed spring colors along with our eggs!

 The preparation started in the month leading up to the celebration, as we camped out in the family room and created a hurricane of pins, threads, fabric scraps, pattern pieces, and sewing tables.

 With the dresses finished, there were preparations for two of Mama's brothers and their families. We were all so excited to be together after several years without face-to-face contact!

 Picnic outside, egg dying, and lots of conversation took up the beautiful Saturday.

 Romeo dozed next to Coconut, both happy to be enjoying the sunshine and attention!

 Sunday morning dawned rainy and overcast, in traditional Washington fashion. We had a fabulous morning, however, with an early church breakfast, lots of fellowship, special music from our family and the children of two other families, and a sermon from Papa!

 The afternoon was again a lovely time of catching up with uncles, aunts, and our cousin as we enjoyed a sit-down scrumptious feast. Worldview, Scripture, politics, memories, and the future--we covered it all!

All too soon, the weekend came to an end. Thank goodness we have all these pictures to look back upon and cherish! I hope your weekend remembering and celebrating the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ was as blessed as ours.


  1. What fun! My sister and I made my mother a new dress for resurrection Sunday as well, but we both wore old time favorite outfits as we did not have time this year to sew something new up! But I love your dresses! Great colors and great design you all chose. I love that its modern and still chic and feminine! :)

    In Christ,

  2. Thanks Rebecca. You are quite the seamstress, so I am honored by your compliments. How nice of you to sew for your mother--I'm sure she appreciated the new dress. We had a lot of fun sewing Mama's as well.

  3. Your dresses are lovely - and you got them done! Our skirts didn't quite happen...busy weekend...lots of tears...but hey, they are pretty skirts! :p
    Looks like you had a lovely Resurrection Sunday!!

  4. Thanks! We were quite proud of ourselves, because we got them done the middle of the week (our M.O. the last several times we've sewn dresses has been to finish the night before). I'm sorry about your skirts! Tears are never good. Enjoy them now, though!

  5. I am speechless. This is a fantastic blog and very engaging too. Excellent work! That's not really much coming from an amateur publisher like me, but it's all I could say after reading your posts. Precise grammar and vocabulary. You really know what you're talking about too. So much that you made me want to learn more. Your blog has become a stepping stone for me, my friend. Thanks for the detailed journey.

  6. Glad you enjoyed it Eeshie. ;-)

    Danmark--thank you so much! Your kindness brightened my day--it is comments like this and people like you who cause me to love blogging as much as I do.


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