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The Lights Are On

A small brown steeple spears the bleak sky,
Slows the blur of crowds pushing by.
Soot smears glass; graffiti stripes the porch,
But the lights are on in the church.

Outside, the rain beats and people run.
Loud raucous voices fade to a hum,
And someone stands in the flood to watch—
For the lights are on in the church.

A shamed woman cries here with release;
An unloved child stares at the cross—peace.
An addict ends now his frantic search,
For the lights are on in the church.

For the dark outside, they glow more bright:
Spill on the street, illumine the night.
People pause, knowing Someone’s at work—
For the lights are on in the church.

Copyright 2009 by Lauren. To be used only with permission.


  1. AWESOME! Love it. You ougtta make it into a song... maybe. :) But, seriously, it's really good.

  2. Wow, Lauren, this is very good - love it! : )

  3. That's beautiful, Lauren! Did you just write it recently?

  4. Oh--you guys are so sweet! If I ever need a boost of self-confidence, I know where to come!
    Are you volunteering to write the music, Jonathan? (-:
    Thanks, Ruthie! (-:
    Sarah, I actually was inspired last month when we were having our prayer meeting and our church was filled with light, but outside it was pitch black.

  5. Lauren, that is a beautiful poem!
    I also think it would make a good song:)

  6. Thanks Abby! It's great to hear from you! I so enjoy the poem you have on your blog as well!


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