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The Great Squeeze

Saturday night found our family at Fort Nisqually (near Seattle, WA), braving the 50 degree temperatures to participate in an elaborate event: the candlelight tour. We rode the "time machine" back to the year 1857 and crept through the camp as ghosts--unacknowledged by the over one hundred men, women, boys, and girls who gossiped, argued, sang, danced, played games, made music, ate, laughed, and prepared for the next day of hard work.

It was a beautiful experience (check out the blog of a Fort Nisqually reenactor and friend, Sarah)! As we completed our journey and "travelled" back to our rightful place in history--2009--our tour guide warned us of a strange phenomenon that occurs to those who travel back in time. "You will forever be time travelers," he predicted. "Only now you will be moving into the future at the rate of one second per second. And, in addition to that, you will no longer be passive bystanders or ghosts observing the warm interiors from the dark outside. Instead, you will be able to change history as you travel forward in time and make a better future for the generations to come."

Sunday morning, we were excited to join our dear Christian brethren at Pilgrim Bible Church in Steilacoom for worship. After service, lunch, and much fellowship, we trekked the few blocks down to the heart of beautiful and quaint Steilacoom to participate in the annual "Apple Squeeze" festival. Thousands of apples and two dozen cider presses get drafted into service to provide hundreds of people with the opportunity to squeeze their own fresh cider.

We met up with some friends and enoyed apple pie, vanilla ice cream, and fresh cider. Unparalleled!

Steilacoom is right on Puget Sound, with the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, the Olympic Mountains, and the Kitsap Peninsula all visible over the water.

Back: Papa, Lauren, Mama, and Mikaela
Front: Jonah, Micah, Susanna, and Melanie


  1. Sounds like you had a great time on your little adventure! I've never done a tour like that, but I've always wanted to.

  2. Looks like you had a great weekend! Thanks for sharing the "tour" and the photos. Yum, fresh cider. :)

  3. Victoria--you should definitely go to this some time if you get the chance! Although your recent outing to an old "town" sounded like it was a variation on this theme.
    Ruthie--You're welcome. ;-)

  4. So much fun! Adventures and all... :p

  5. It was great you all were able to make it to Candlelight and had such a great time! It was fun seeing you at church and I was thankful for the bit of time to catch up on life! Let me know if you have any questions about volunteering. Blessings! <3

  6. We're still in the "think-about-it" stage, but my sisters won't let me think about it for long, I'm thinking. ;-) And it was just lovely to talk with you too!


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