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Twenty Followers!

Take a look at that lovely box over there to your right...the one filled with twenty more little boxes, which are each filled with lovely smiling faces! Each one is a testament to a friendship and a gift, regardless of if we have met "in real life" or not. Which is why we always keep our followers box in a prominent position on our sidebar--to thank you for following!

Last week we reached a special-to-us milestone in our baby blog's babysteps--we got our 20th follower (thanks, Jonathan)! However, boring you with an effusive blog post (whoops--already did that--sorry!), upgrading our follower's box from the sidebar to the header (now that would be interesting), or giving you an all-expenses-paid trip to Scotland didn't seem very practical or plausible. Lauren and I, in the interest of finding some way to offer our thanks to the people who patiently tolerate our blog popping up on their dashboard or Google reader every single Tuesday and Friday, hit upon just the thing, though. So, we are giving away a $5 gift certificate to Sacred Audio, a wonderful conservative Christian music site with countless songs, albums, and even sheet music to download and enjoy.
Here's how it will work:
  • All of our current followers are automatically entered (if you are a follower and you don't wish to be entered, please leave a comment below).
  • The drawing will take place next Monday, so if you aren't a follower yet, you have until Monday, July 20th, at 9 o'clock AM (Pacific Standard Time) to follow us and enter!
  • If your name is drawn, we will need your email address to send the e-certificate to you (no need to worry about that yet, though).


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  1. O dear! I'm all confused...I thought today was Monday. Well, I've been wrong before! hehehe.
    Purty fun about the gift certificate!

  2. Thank is so sweet of you! And there is no "putting up" with you! It is a blessing to be able to read your writings--absolutely for free!!


  3. Interesting, thought I'd prefer the all-expense paid trip to Scotland.

  4. Wow! There are lots of perks to being a follower of your blog! Seriously though, I have thoroughly enjoyed following "One Bright Corner" - it has been a real blessing and encouragement to me. I so appreciate your faithfulness, too, in posting regularly. (I have been a bit challenged in that area in keeping up with my own blog.)
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your hearts! You are certainly "brightening" your corners - and beyond. : )
    P.S. Keep my name in the drawing. ; )

  5. Wow! How fun!

    So where is Italian on your poll? ;o)

  6. Sadly, I cannot figure out either how to follow your blog or vote in the poll. (By the way, Molly and I are of primarily Scotch-Irish and French descent.)

    I have been enjoying "following" each blog post, though. I shall try to e-mail you soon, Mikaela, and I wish both of you a good night.

    ~ Courtney

  7. Thanks for all your awesome comments...we couldn't fit every heritage in our poll, obviously, so Italian and French unfortunately did not make the cut. :(
    Courtney--I'm not sure why you couldn't vote on the poll. However, in order to follow our blog, you must:
    1.Have a Google account (go to
    2."Sign in" to blogger ( with the exact same username and password created in your Google account.
    3. Go to our blog and click "join this site" at the top of the page right above all of the followers.
    Sorry if that seems complicated! It should take less than ten minutes (and, btw, I have never anything other than necessary communication from Google via my email address). Once you have an account, you can choose to edit your profile by making your name visible and uploading a picture, or you can choose to stay semi-anonymous, as is the case with three of our followers whose "sillouhettes" take the place of their picture.


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