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A Real, Live, Breathing, Modern-Day Hero of Faith

Approximately 28 years, 1 month, and 16 days ago a baby boy was born into a family of Apostolic Christians. As he grew up, some people would say that he was unusual. The truth of the matter was, however, that he was quite the same as any other little boy his age; the only difference was his not-quite-the-same manner of using his quite-the-same abilities. As a teenager, he made up to $18,000 a year, starting his IRA at 14 and becoming an investor in real estate at 18. He went after and got his four-year degree in finance in only two years and then proceeded to promptly begin his own business.
At the age of nineteen—now a young man—he knocked on 13,000 doors in his own community of Peoria, Illinois to win a difficult write-in campaign for the school board. By age 23, he was both the “president of the Peoria School Board and an Illinois State Representative, making him the youngest school board president in history and the youngest member of the Illinois Legislature*.”
His story didn’t stop there, though. Still too young to be a member of the Senate, he ran for the US House in 2008 and won, making him—in a title that must be all-too familiar—the youngest Congressman currently in office.
Despite attending church all his life, this man became a Christian only two years ago, after putting it off all his life until “tomorrow.” It was his pastor’s straight talk and—ironically—the Illinois State House’s corruption that drove him to the end of himself. Now, Aaron Schock is a man faced with a corner—a very large corner, but a very dark one. He is, however doing his level best to brighten his corner, and he does with characteristic excellence. In a speech to Congress in January, Mr. Schock said, “Madam Speaker, I rise today to mourn the anniversary of the Supreme Court's decision in the case of Roe v. Wade….Throughout my life, women have been able to obtain abortions only to realize after the fact the sadness that comes with any death. I am left to wonder about potential achievements that America could have accomplished had so many of its precious and innocent of citizens been given a chance to reach their potential. The future doctors, scientists, actors, teachers, policemen, coaches and, yes, even politicians that America has missed because nine people decided the definition of human vitality. Creating an almost arbitrary line--above which exists human life, below which equals a mass of tissue….**”
You don’t have to be a budding politician born 28 years, 1 month, and 16 days ago to learn from Aaron Schock. You don’t have to be a young person, but neither do you need to be middle-aged. Whoever you are—wherever you are, reinvigorate your flickering match in Aaron’s courageous flame. Let excellence, fearlessness, capability, and above all, godliness characterize everything you do, and you too will become a person with quite-the-same abilities who uses them in a not-quite-the-same manner.

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