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Resurrection Weekend!

Easter is probably my favorite holiday because of what we celebrate. The eggs, good food, and fellowship are wonderful, but in the end it is the celebration of Christ's love and His triumph over death that make it so special.
Rather than just tell you about our Easter weekend, I thought I would show you...
On Good Friday, we had fun coloring eggs in the morning. Jonah shows a special egg to the camera. His hands appear to be fairly clean at the moment, but they were eventually dyed along with the eggs!Here's a shot right before we headed off to Good Friday service, where we reflected on Christ's sacrifice and took communion.

On Saturday, we drove up to our aunt and uncle's house near Olympia. We had fun with a wild city-sponsored egg hunt in the park (complete with police to control the feisty egg-hunters!). Here is Uncle Joe testing the oil for his famous deep fried turkey. Yum!

How many Easter treats can you spot, Micah?

" Hey! What's that growing in the tree?"

" Imagine that! Was it there all this time, Mom?" I love it!

Ten of the cousins on my dad's side. That's all but two, and we had a lot of fun! Fashion shows, egg-hiding, game-playing, and lots of other top-secret family things that people would kill me over if I confessed! I know they look sweet, but... (-;

Easter Sunday dawned bright and...rainy. Of course. But when we headed off to church, the weather didn't really matter anymore because we were celebrating the greatest day of the year: Christ's resurrection. He is alive!

Here is a snapshot of me and the ever adorable William.

Below is our church enjoying our Easter breakfast.

My family, decked out in Easter best, stands in front of a cross.

On Sunday evening, we got together with some friends. We started the night off by singing some wonderful Easter songs. Mikaela accompanied on the piano. Don't you think we need to sing those Easter songs every week?

We finished our weekend with games. Mad Gab, Outburst, and, of course, Guesstures! There's an action shot of Susanna.

Family, friends, thoughtfulness, joy, celebration, chocolate--those are all keywords in this glimpse of my family's Resurrection weekend. Nothing, not even the rain, could dampen our excitement to remember once again Christ's sacrifice above all sacrifices and His triumph over death.
Most or all of these photos were taken by Mama.


  1. Looks like you all had a nice celebration!

    Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Yes, it was wonderful! I hope you had a blessed Easter as well.
    See you next week...I can't wait!


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