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Do you want to make a difference today?

So how much are you willing to stand up for the lives of innocent babies? You vote pro-life, you have lively discussions with your family, and you read articles about the atrocities committed against babies. Have you ever thought about what follow-through your convictions would have if you were a doctor or a nurse? Honestly, I had never put myself in their shoes until a few weeks ago. Imagine an America where pro-life doctors or nurses who refuse to perform an abortion are swiftly dismissed from their jobs. Imagine an America where those healthcare workers who refuse to murder a baby or dispense certain pills are persecuted for their stand or are fined for their beliefs. In a few months, this could be the America that we live in. Here is a video about this distressing situation that brings tears to my eyes every time I see it.

In 2008, President Bush put into place regulation that states that government funds will be denied to programs where doctors or nurses are fired, fined, or discriminated against because of their conscientious stand against abortion or other issues. Last month, however, our new and increasingly godless presidential administration announced that they would rescind, or get rid of, that regulation. Senator Tom Coburn spearheaded an amendment to protect the rights of doctors and nurses, but it was voted down last Thursday.
So why am I telling you this? Because I want to depress everyone on a beautiful spring day? No, rather I share this with you to challenge you as I have been challenged. These doctors and nurses are willing to endure anything rather than murder a baby. What are you willing to do to save lives and help those doctors? Are you willing to click on a link, type in a few comments, and submit it to the White House before midnight, April 9? The public has an opportunity to comment on this proposed regulation. Will you take this opportunity? Many pro-choice groups have organized their members to send in comments to the government, and we must not let that minority control the majority of comments. Each of our voices are small, but together we can make a difference.
Here’s how you can comment:
You can send an e-mail to:
You can click on this organization’s link which also gives some good ideas on what to say.
You can click on this government link and click on add comments.
You can mail one original and two copies of written comments to: Office of Public Health and Science, Department of Health and Human Services, Attention: Rescission Proposal Comments, Hubert H. Humphrey Building, 200 Independence Ave. SW, Room 716G, Washington, DC 20201.
Remember, though, this all has to be done by midnight Thursday. So please show by this simple act how much you are willing to stand up for babies across America. I will close with one of my favorite quotes, one that you will probably see a lot if you stick around this corner. William Wilberforce (1759-1833) devoted the best years of his life to fighting slavery, an atrocity not unlike abortion. He challenges us all with these convicting words that I leave to echo in our ears:
“Having heard all of this, you may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

Here are some links for those who want more information or ideas on what to say:
Faith and Family (this is a little out of date, but it still gives some good ideas at the end for comments and lays the foundation for why rescinding this regulation is wrong)
World Magazine article


  1. Great job getting the word out! Although I already signed a petition a few weeks ago I didn't think to tell anyone about it.

  2. Thanks! I'm glad you signed it and let your voice be heard! Btw, since your name doesn't give me any clues, I'm curious to know if I've met you or if you found our blog some other way. Either way, I'm so glad you're a reader! (-:

  3. I actually didn't know what my username was because I hadn't looked at it for a long time. Hmmmm, this might be fun! I will leave you with a riddle. When you've guessed correctly I'll reveal my identity.

    What falls but never breaks
    What breaks but never falls

    Rules: No internet searches. No asking for help.

    The game is afoot.

  4. Is the answer to this riddle a clue to your identity or is it a random hoop which we have to jump through in order for you to tell us your name?

  5. I think I got it. Night falls but never breaks. Day breaks but never falls. Even if that's not right, I should still get brownie points. Imagine trying to fool a Jamestown sleuth...

  6. Random. I was just having a little fun. That's the right answer, or at least the one I was thinking of. How foolish of me to imagine I could stump a Jamestown sleuth... All right, you win, click on my username to find out who I am.

  7. Aha! Great riddle, Jonathan, or Flash Pictures.(-:
    Yes, you made our day exciting and fun!

  8. Thank you, Lauren, for blogging on this important and urgent situation. I signed a petition regarding this last week, but because of your blog, and specifically the quote from Wilberforce, took the extra step as you suggested.
    I plan on sending out an e-mail to encourage others to do the same.
    We may only be one voice, but we are not to measure success, or the potential for it, by numbers or statistics - God isn't confined by our limits.
    Thanks again for helping to spread the word! Keep it up!

  9. Thanks for your encouragement, Ruthie! And you had a hand in this post, because I found that video through an e-mail you sent us. I thought it was very powerful!


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