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Peacocks, Black Ice Cream, and a Supermodel: My Week

My handsome brother, Jonah! The pose was all his idea.

I broke one of the cardinal rules of playing in a symphony--I associated with the winds! Seriously, I have met and know every string player in my large symphony, but I have only gotten to know a few wind players. Somehow, I think that there is an unwritten caste system in symphonies! However, I have gotten to know a clarinet player very well, and thus it happens that I have found myself house-sitting for him this week. He has six inside cats, as many outside cats, and--of course--many peacocks and peahens, of all things! Never a dull moment....

Peabody, our very fluffy, very self-satisfied, adorable cat! He was my supermodel this week. ;-) He sat contentedly, occasionally adjusting his head position for my picture-taking satisfaction.

Adam, a man from church, who has been putting trim up in our house.
Three cheers for Adam!

This is Mel, my fifteen year old sister, showing off her unique tongue color! She and I went out for ice cream at Lynns Ice Cream, Yogurt, and More a lovely "hole-in-the-wall" that has a retro feel and delicious ice cream. Mel had the black (and I do mean black) licorice ice cream, and this is the effect several hours later!
My adorable six year old brother, Jonah!

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