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I've Been Waiting My Whole Life for This!

Would you believe that in the last year I have experienced more "firsts" in my life than I ever thought possible?  

The truth is that nearly every day brings an opportunity for a "first" if my eyes are open in childlike wonder to them. I want to be like my four-year-old student who exclaimed when it finally snowed this January for the first time in his memory: "I've been waiting my whole life for this!" And he quite literally had!

But in order to have this joy in the new I have to welcome the fringes of my comfort zone.
I have to keep my priorities sturdy enough to motivate me yet soft enough to be moldable by the Holy Spirit.
I have to never lose a child's zest for exploration.

So maybe today's first is as seemingly banal as going to a new cafe or reading a new book, but it might be as life-changing as meeting a friend for the first time or starting a new job.  I should celebrate all of these firsts with child-like joy: I've been waiting my whole life for this!  So here is me choosing to celebrate:

1. As Mikaela already alluded to, I became an auntie!  I could type ferociously for an hour on how adorable I believe my nephew is and I could bog down your internet with pictures by the hundreds, but since Mikaela already promised some of that for next week, suffice it to say that I am in love.  And when I met him at only a few weeks old, I could hardly let him go. 

2. Last September a lifelong dream came true the moment I stepped onto a plane bound for the UK.  This unbelievable dream of a trip to Ireland, England, and Scotland brought:   
a cascade of first-time experiences {first time to use my passport!}
a flood of delight {charming castles by the side of the road!}
an insatiable wanderlust {can I move to Scotland?}
and an awe at this great world God has created {the world never before seemed so reachable yet so vast at the same time}.  

Here is just a taste of my two weeks:

 First time touching the Atlantic Ocean {in Scotland, no less!}

                        First time realizing what it feels like to step into a storybook castle...

 Devotions at sunrise in Edinburgh with an amazing group of people

Threave Castle.  First love. 

Edinburgh, my favorite city in the world.

 My travel partner in the most amazing trip ever! 
What wonderful memories we made together.

3. Some firsts I've recently experienced aren't so delightful as a trip to Europe or a new nephew, but nevertheless they have shaped the story of my life these last months: things like being sick on Christmas Day for the first time, or having my bank account information and $1500 stolen from me, or being a passerby in the street at the perfectly wrong moment and getting pepper-sprayed in the face.  But if those tiny drops of suffering soften me to be moldable by the Holy Spirit, then they are just as important and needed as the sunny days of joy.

4. 2016 in itself is a brand new experience with no mistakes in it yet!  January is already old news--folded up and shelved--and February is swiftly joining, but here is what I want to remember this year for all the firsts that await:

I've been waiting my whole life for this.  
What firsts have you experienced lately?


  1. Great post! (I love the illusion to Anne's "tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it"...) Can I steal your second meme? It fits really well with the theme of my blog, and I'd love to use it sometime if that's okay with you. ;)

    1. Thanks, Kate! I was hoping some Anne fans would get that reference! The pictures came from Pinterest, and if you can track down the original owner, let me know, but you're free to use them as far as I'm concerned. How are things going for you guys?

    2. Thank you! Some of us are on the mend, but others of us are just starting into the illness... It's a long one. ;) Lots of movies. ;)

  2. Lauren, I found this post inspirational and especially enjoyed the third paragraph. I can't recall any recent significant firsts for me - except maybe hiking an island hill barefoot in the mud - that was sure memorable. :) I'm looking forward to what 2016 holds and hopefully, lots of firsts!

    1. Thanks Ruthie! That's a really fun first! I imagine your first few years there in Uganda were filled with new firsts every day, so now it must be nice to have some sort of routine! (-;


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