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Every day I live, I find new people, places, little moments, and big truths to love, and I am inspired to live to love and to love to live this life God has gifted to me.  Not unlike the first Adam, who was literally inspired by God with the breath of life, for that very word "inspire" comes from the idea of infusing with life by breathing!

This week I am inspired by:

Friends who care about what I have to say.
Reading a verse in Scripture that seems to be and indeed was written directly to me.
The benediction of an adorable smile from a 2 year old.
Carrying on a lively discussion with my family.
A cup of tea or coffee always inspires genius!
The privilege that we still have to vote.
Friends who are going through intensely dark times, yet can't stop talking about Jesus.
My students who take what they have learned to love in lessons and teach younger siblings or parents.
My mother's patience.
My father's gentleness.
Jesus' longsuffering love for me regardless .  No need to even clarify, just regardless.

Who or what inspires you today?

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  1. I love the list of things inspiring you lately! :)


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