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Preparing for the Long Walk

Suddenly, it was one week before the wedding. Sleep was already becoming a rare commodity, and the to-do list was long--but not insurmountably long. A facial (given to me by my wonderful sisters and Sarah) was the perfect relaxer as we moved into the weekend, working on programs, finalizing schedules, and remembering everything we had to buy or delegate. Sunday evening Sarah came (which we celebrated by playing speed Scrabble), and then the final days were upon us. 

Program printing and assembly (it takes way longer than you'd think!)...napkin folding and assembly (apparently everything in increments of 400 takes way longer than you'd think)...the wedding hairstyle "trial run"...orchestrating a surprise for Joel during the details....

And on Tuesday the to-do list came to an abrupt halt as my bridesmaids mysteriously informed me that I should dress in head-to-toe pink and be ready at a certain time. After being gone all morning, I obliged and met them outside where I was promptly decked out in a ridiculous (i.e. awesome) tiara, veil, sash, and pin and whisked away for coffee and a memorable night at a local hotel! My surprise was genuine, even though I innocently joked about swimming in the pool as we drove by the hotel. My bridesmaids informed me that this was my "Hen Party" (the Brit term for Bachelorette Party). Just what does a Hen Party entail? Well, for me it was the perfect mix of Anne of Green Gables (charades, raspberry cordial, and more), fondue (swiss, cheddar, and chocolate), crafts (we all made matching robes!), pictures, hot tub soaking, reminiscing, lots of laughter, and Ever After (until 3AM). That was certainly a special evening!

As my family and Sarah continued to work on everything on the list, I set to work on my veil (a combination of Butterick 4487 and Vogue 8569). At long last, I was counting down the hours instead of the months or weeks or days until I would see Joel! I wrote to him in one of my nightly emails, "It feels like all the Christmases and chocolate and birthdays and special surprises and gifts and outings and sunshiny days and good news and births of babies and fireworks and concerts and any other wonderful, happy thing of my life combined does not even compare to the anticipation and excitement I feel to finally be with you again and be married."

And on Thursday, after spending the morning getting my nails done with my bridesmaids and Mama and Grandma, the moment at long last came. After 5 months of separation, my man and I were reunited! The moment I had yearned for so long had arrived--the dream was suddenly a reality! We were getting married!

Friday was incredible. It was a day where our friends and family (immediate and extended) showed up and worked--hard--all day long. My dear wedding coordinator, still mourning the sudden loss of her grandmother, pulled everyone together and brought everything together. And before my eyes, the church in which I had taught music lessons for the past several years was transformed. The basement no longer looked like a useful old space for potlucks, but a wonderland of cheerful elegance. The sanctuary's grandeur was enhanced in every way possible. Everything far exceeded both my imaginings and my Pinterest board.

With the hours until The Moment decreasing steadily, every person involved in the wedding gathered together in the sanctuary. We laughed through rehearsal awkwardness and debated about where everyone should stand. Details decided upon, my bridesmaids began their practice walk down the aisle. Papa and I waited in the foyer, sneaking peeks at the proceedings, until--suddenly--Papa and I realized that as the time until the wedding decreased, our time together was also decreasing. The moment was fast approaching when we would have to say a good-bye we'd never said before, and we sobbed in each other's arms before we walked down the aisle together.

The rehearsal dinner...the gifts we presented to our last goodbye to Joel...the late hours at the church...Mama and I driving home in a special time together: these were what filled my final night of singleness. I finished my veil that night with my sisters and Sarah before bed, and we laughed randomly at nothing (apparently silence is hilarious) and then we cried stormily at the very real prospect of separation.

Through all the crazy emotions, a beautiful exhilaration and a joyful peace pervaded my soul--the complete confidence in walking in God's will as He met the desires of my heart and joined me with the love of my life. That night, before going to bed, I wrote one last email to Joel as a single woman: "The next time I see you will be at the beginning of a very long walk!"


  1. Lovely, lovely post! I loved reading about some of the details leading up to your special day. :)

    1. Oh good! There was so much to say and so much to necessarily leave out (getting locked in the bathroom while home alone? Grandma and Grandpa pitching in amazingly? 4 unforeseen and hard trials in the lives of those near and dear to me? Friends completely taking charge of the food and easing our work load considerably?)...I'm glad you enjoyed it. : )

  2. Awww! Congratulations again! : )

  3. I have be so very bad at blogging and am just now catching up on all your post! Everything looks amazing! Pinterest is amazing! I used it allot myself!
    I need to email you again! I need to get your new address so we can keep up!


    1. Thanks Joanna! It's so good to hear from you, and we definitely need to stay in touch!

  4. I never thought about a rehearsal being so emotional...But I guess it really could be!!! Wow!

    And your Hen Party sounds like a blast! I love that you were completely surprised. :)

    1. Yeah, the reality of it all hit us full force. It was a beautifully bittersweet time. Thanks for commenting! I think of and pray for you often. : )


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