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Birth Announcement

He may have already stopped hoping by the time Hope was born.

Over 400 years of silence from God overshadowed this man’s ancestors.  It was a silence that rivaled the 430 years of Jewish slavery in Egypt.  And this Jew, born in the Egypt that had enslaved his ancestors, thought he may as well have been hoping for a resurrected Moses liberator as for a Messiah after all that silence. 

The way this man Philo saw it, it was time for God to step out from behind His curtain and once again declare “I AM.”  But Philo Judaeus wasn’t seeing even a rustling of the curtain, so he decided to yank it aside himself.  Moses was lost up on Mt. Sinai, and Philo took his cue from an impatient Aaron, building his own Messiah in one Greek word: logos.  

This is just the beginning of a guest post I had the honor of writing for my friend Sarah's blog anniversary.  It goes up on Friday, but in the meantime, check out the other guest posters who will challenge your mindset and inspire your thinking.  The post today on Peter Pan is unmissable, and Sarah's even giving away two books that I've been longing to read!  

So what are you waiting for?  Sarah's door is just down the street from this corner, and if I know her, she's waiting with open arms and tea! 

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  1. We just found you through Sarah's blog. What a wonderful blog you have! We will be back often!

  2. Thank you for coming over and for your sweet encouragement! I was so delighted to read your post on Sarah's blog as well!


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