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2013: A Crazy-Good Year!

 Back row, l-r: Papa, Mama, Lauren, Susanna, Melanie, Micah, Mikaela
Front row: Jonah

Click on the image and zoom in to read the smaller words.
I loved looking back on what God brought in 2013 while putting this together!  Thankfully, I had a little help getting started on this newsletter, and if you're interested you can download the free template I used here!
Happy New Year everyone!  2014, here we come!


  1. This was a great idea! I love the graphic and I loved reading over all that took place in your lives in 2013! Sounds like y'all had a wonderful year, and I hope it will be even better this year.

    1. So glad you stopped by, Purity! I loved the graphic, too, and am so glad someone else masterminded it, because I don't think I could have come up with that on my own!

  2. Loved the summary of your family's year. Very cute! :)

    1. Thanks! Are you enjoying your time with the Oregon visitors right now? (-;


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