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Wait Till Sunrise

The sunlight sparks my gaze,
Filling my ears with music golden.
My fingers yearn for its rays
To gather them as life for my soul.
A dark hand defeats me;
The sun dies in smoldering embers.
My hope shrivels blackly,
And fear slithers in, stealing my soul.
Nightmares wail, shadows bound,
Darkness suffocates, the music ends.
My own thoughts hunt me down—
The sun is gone, and with it, my hope.
A missive of light glows.
My eyes seek the sun, finding instead
The rising moon’s halos
Sending a message borne on sunlight:
The test of darkness betrayed
Your hope to be fragile as fine glass.
The sun died not, but bade
The moon glow for your wait till sunrise.

Photo Credit:blinkingidiot


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