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Making Beautiful Baubles

There's a lot of window shopping that goes on on Pinterest. Take for example the unique pair of crystal earrings that caught my eye; I loved the rough-cut quartz that looked both rustic and feminine at the same time. When I set out to find myself a pair, I discovered some beautiful amethyst varieties on Etsy...for only $20 (plus shipping and tax). Needless to say, the thought of paying over $20 for a whim did not appeal to me. But when I discovered exactly the type of amethyst gems I needed in a cute Portland shop for only a dollar apiece, I jumped at the opportunity to make my own earrings!

You can find amethysts for $1.05 apiece here, but you want to pick stones that are roughly the same size, so a more sensible (and economical choice) might be to purchase 1/2 lb (7-12 pieces)for $2.95 (these ones are also supposed to be smaller than the first choice, so note the measurements and decide what look you'd prefer).

While I was at it, I also gathered a pair of brown wooden buttons and crystal buttons. These cost me less than a dollar per pair! How perfect would this be to include in Christmas presents? You can find the earring posts at this link on Amazon or at any craft supply store.

E6000 Craft Adhesive--this stuff is the best for jewelry making!

This took me back to my kindergarten days--seriously, all you do is glue, place the posts, and wait patiently! If I was making another pair, I would place the posts in the upper half of the amethysts. Because the rocks have some weight to them, they can droop, but placing the post closer to the top would solve this problem.

Placing the posts in the middle of the buttons worked just fine though, since these were lightweight!

I'm experimenting now with fabric flower earrings, but haven't quite perfected my technique and gotten them the way I like them. It's just another fun possibility, though, to try out, since you now have that whole bag of earrings posts that need to be used!
Happy Crafting!


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  1. And your going to sell some know so I can buy them from you right?? lol! Love the idea girl! Also..I do have an email coming to you..maybe even this afternoon!

    Joanna Noel

    1. Haha! You could totally whip these out, Joanna! =)

  2. That's really neat!!! I have never thought about making my own earrings. Would you ever consider FIXING a pair of earrings that you already own with that glue stuff? I have a pair of pearl earrings with gold posts and one of the posts came completely out of the pearl the other day. Both the pearl and the post are completely fine, they just separated. I realize I could take it somewhere to have it repaired, but if I can fix it myself that would be better! What would you do?

    1. I had a pair of earrings where that happened, and I actually just stuck some superglue on the post and stuck it back in. This glue is thick and slightly flexible (think rubber), so it works really well if you need to support and adhere odd-shaped objects to each other. I think it would work for what you need, but it seems like superglue would be just as good, if not better. Hope you get a chance to try your hand at making some earrings! It's really fun. =)

    2. Thanks!!! Superglue it is. :)

  3. fabric flower earrings are one of my favorite earrings since my collage time.


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