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Top 10 Reasons I'm Grateful I Was Homeschooled

 10. I thought it was normal for a twelve year old to write a novel.

9.   I memorized the Beatitudes for school. 

8.   My younger sisters and I could handily enter our make-believe land of the Eightabagilians on our lunch break, and then go right back to math when our time was up.
7.   School bullies got spankings.

6.   I learned that if I could get along with my seven year old sister who just tore apart my dolly, socializing with anyone would be a breeze. 

5.   I learned botany by planting a garden, home ec by making dinner, physical education by running a 12k, and literature by devouring every book in sight.
4.   Peer pressure doesn’t have a grip on me: calling me a chicken won’t convince me to budge down that cliff on my sled if I don't want to do it, and daring someone to eat a crushed-up candy on the sidewalk will only give me the urge to throw it away. 
3.   I would have flunked algebra in public school.  I also would have exhausted those poor teachers with all my questions.  (If you still believe there are no stupid questions, then you haven't met me yet!)

2.    I’ve never been to a football game in my life.  (-:

But my number one reason I am grateful to have been homeschooled is…

1.   I was discipled by my parents on a daily basis to be a follower of Jesus Christ.  They taught me that “Christian” isn’t a robe you put on on Sundays.  They taught me that “Christian” isn’t a blindfold you take off before the blinding light of intellectualism.  They taught me that following Jesus Christ is a Sunday through Saturday endeavor that encompasses novels and algebra and little sisters and peer pressure and eventually harder things like death and sickness and disagreements.  I thought I was just doing school, when in reality I was learning life and learning Christ. 
If you were homeschooled, what do you have to add to this list?

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  1. I can't add to your list because I spent all my formative years in public schools. But I could give you list a mile-long why my children, by the grace of God, will NEVER do the same! Thank God my eyes were opened to the beauties of homeschooling and family discipleship!

    Loved it, Lauren...

    1. Thank you for all you are doing to homeschool your children! That is the greatest blessing you could give them!

  2. Amen! This is my second year of being homeschooled. Next year I will be a senior. (I am skipping eleventh grade just in case this doesn't add up) ;-) My parents snatched me out of public school right after eighth grade. If only it had been sooner I would not have gone through 95% of the mess I went through in middle and elementary school. But it was all for God's glory and I am thankful that I did not have to experience the horrible institution called high school.

    Now that I am homeschooled, I am grateful that I can see what I have been missing out on while being stuck in a building with other children 8 hours a day. I will never go back nor will I send my children there! Thanks for the post, I really like it.

    1. Wow--I really admire your being willing to follow your parents' wisdom to be homeschooled. That would be a difficult switch, but you are right--it was all for God's glory, and your perspective is very wise!

  3. + Sporadic field trips! "Oh, it's beautiful out, let's go to the zoo and learn about the animals today!"
    + Keeping the same friends through all grades and graduations... :)

    But I agree with your number 1, it's mine, too!

    1. How could I miss the field trip one? And keeping the same friends through moves, grades, and graduations is a definite blessing!

  4. Loved reading your list! :) I don't know what I'd add to it.

  5. Great post, Lauren! I would add: 1. The closeness of our family and my sister being my best friend. My family has been my dearest friends, counselors and encouragers and I attribute much of this to being together as we were homeschooled.
    2. Taking family vacations whenever we wanted, especially in September when many children were back in school. :)
    3. Having many opportunities to serve in our community and church during "school-day" hours.
    But, I agree with you, number 1 is the best. I count myself very blessed not only to have been home-schooled, but to have been discipled by my parents.

    1. Those are great additions! We loved going to places like Yellowstone when they weren't flooded with tourists! And you are definitely right that homeschooling creates much closer family relationships. I'm thinking I may have to expand my list...

  6. I agree with all your 10 reasons for homeschooling. I would add:

    + being able to take vacations during the school year.
    + learning musical instruments
    + being together as a family

    1. Elanee--those are so true. Is there any aspect of life that homeschooling doesn't touch? I don't think so!

  7. Wonderful reasons! :) Number one is so true! :)It is such a blessing to have parents who follow God's command in teaching their children and raising them in the way of the Lord!

  8. No football, we need to change that. Go Hawks!
    Teaching high school for 14 years allowed me to teach and reach some very wonderful kids. It was a warm place and for many a safe environment where teachers could model forgiveness, faith and love just to name a few. Home schooling is divine but hs can be pretty amazing as it allows so many believers to witness and lead at an age where guidance is often lacking. Mrs. V :)

  9. hit the nail right on the head as they say. I can't really add anything that hasn't all ready been said. I all I can do is stress two: The one about no bullies and the one about being a Christian. Me being schooled by my mom really helps me get through one grade after another. I might not be a Christian if not for it...

  10. I wasn't homeschooled, but am now homeschooling our 6 kids. Just recently my pastor-husband was granted a 3 month sabbatical. Homeschooling allowed us to take those 3 months off from regular schoolwork. The kids each chose an area of interest to study during our time at home (ornithology, architecture, baking, and legos. It also gave us the opportunity to take a full month away on the road.

    I love that my kids are sure of who they are. They aren't afraid to stand out because they work hard or refuse to join in the typical pre-teen/teen humor and disrespect. They are on sports teams and see what many other kids are doing - but then come home thanking us that they are being raised differently. That's pretty cool!

    The other HUGE benefit is that my kids all love each other. They are truly best friends, and the disrespect that we saw beginning while they were in public school is now minimal and immediately addressed. I can definitely see that our family is so much better off because of homeschooling.

    And the family time ... We eat 21 meals a week together as a family, have time to sit and read novels together, the kids have time to play together and use their imaginations, and we have the flexibility to take Mondays off from school - our family sabbath day.

  11. ~ Being the only one in your grade certainly takes the pressure off!
    ~ When you get older, you turn into a teacher for the younger ones of the family. I loved being able to help the kids, and now that I have moved out, the middle kids are doing the same for the youngest. We all love it as it creates precious memories we would never have had in public school.
    ~ I think you learn ALOT more about responsibility by being homeschooled vs. public school.
    Elizabeth Rintoul

  12. Grew up in the NYC public schools, now seriously considering homeschooling our children. Thank you for sharing your experiences!


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