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Snapshots of God's Woman

12-07-10 So I'll Wait On Some Other Escape
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What does a woman after God’s heart look like?
These are a collection of personal thoughts I have been thinking lately.  If I truly want to be called a woman after God's heart in the same way that David was called a man after God's heart, then what is a snapshot of that woman? 

  • This woman would rather get lost in the Word of God than lose time on entertainment.
  • Her gratefulness to her mighty Savior is so great that she seizes every opportunity to deny self and bless others, simply because it brings joy and glory to Him.
  • She is so in love with Christ that she forgets herself.
  • She knows what she believes and can clearly communicate those beliefs with conviction and assurance from the Holy Spirit. 
  • She fails (and perhaps epically), but she makes it right before God and man. 
  • When she is shaken, Christ overflows.  When she is pricked, she bleeds Christ.  {Inspiration here}
  • She enjoys, delights, and takes pleasure in the heart of God more than anything else the world has to offer.  Because of this, she trusts Him implicitly. 

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  1. Inspiring, convicting, and so encouraging! Wonderful thoughts Lo.

  2. It’s a continual battle to be a godly woman and I’m happy and thankful I’m in the war. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Lots to aspire to as a "woman after God's own heart," but I am thankful He provides the power and grace to live every day for Him! Pretty cool! :)

  4. Lauren! This is what I've been wondering for some time also! I've wanted to know what a woman after God's own heart looks like - or how I can be, like Abraham, God's friend! I'm SO happy that you wrote out this list. It spoke to me. Great post.



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